Lil Wayne’s Cracked Tooth Delays Prison Term Until March 2

02/09/2010 4:40 PM |

Though Lil Wayne was expected to start a one-year jail term today—and partied like that was the case last night—all manner of rap blog is reporting that when he appeared at a Manhattan court to receive his sentence this afternoon his lawyer asked that his sentencing be postponed so that Weezy could get dental surgery on a cracked tooth. Supreme Court Judge Charles Solomon rescheduled the sentencing to March 2, but he should have asked to look at Wayne’s cracked tooth before complying. Had he done so he would have seen (as you may after the jump) that it’s probably impossible for Weezy to crack a tooth.

Lil Waynes teeth

Wayne wins. Weirdly, today is also Toothache Day.

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  • look at this G. yea he might spend a yr in prison but he is still going to look fine and be the best rapper alive!
    ♥ yu boo!!! got ur back 4eva =)