Lil Wayne’s Last Night of Freedom

02/09/2010 11:05 AM |

Lil Wayne going away party

Today Lil Wayne begins a one-year jail sentence at our fair city’s notorious Riker’s Island facility—though he’ll likely only serve eight months with good behavior—and thanks to the internet you can relive all the celebrations from his last night of sweet, sweet freedom.

Nah Right’s got a big gallery of pictures from a going-away party at some lounge in Miami (Drake was there! Wale was there! Birdman was there!), and right before heading to said party Wayne live streamed about an hour of the evening that he spent chilling at the studio with his buddy Lil Twist and other minor Young Money members. Skip ahead to minute 52 (after the jump) for Weezy’s heartfelt goodbye to his fans, which is almost inaudible over the loud rumble of what looks like the Audi roadster that he’s about to screech off in.