Maybe Locke and Ben Will Get Off The Island And Star in a “TNT-Type Show”

02/26/2010 4:35 PM |

Well, we could write our OWN show...

  • “Well, we could write our OWN show…”

I wouldn’t watch a new show just because an actor from Lost was on it: I only made it one episode into Flashforward, and about ten minutes into the V pilot. But, what if there were two?
Fans who can’t/couldn’t get enough of Lost‘s Locke-Linus dynamic may not need to kill themselves after all when the show ends this spring. Terry O’Quinn told TV Guide he has an idea for a new show and is shopping it around.

[It would be ] a TNT-type show [ha ha — ed.] that would pair him back up with his real-life chum and on-screen foe, Michael Emerson (Ben) – as suburban hit men juggling family issues. Though Terry asked [us] not to spill show specifics, he has spoken with Lost creator J.J. Abrams about the project and says, “I really hope this works out because Michael would be in his prime in this. We’d play kind of awkward partners.”

“It’s very sweet of him,” says Michael. “I’m all in favor of it. Any reason to work with Terry again.”

TNT-esque or not, I’m, also, all in favor of it. Emerson and O’Quinn have the best TV rapport since Seinfeld and Alexander. [A.V. Club]