More Reasons to Drink Beer: Science Says So

02/26/2010 1:33 PM |

german beer girls

  • “Beer makes our bones strong!”

I really, truly love it when science tells me my behavior (which would otherwise seem irresponsible) is in fact good for me. To wit: Drinking beer gives you strong bones. Like milk!

Seriously, researchers at UC Davis report that beer is a good source of silicon, which helps to increase mineral density in bones. Hooray! It turns out the secret silicon ingredient is hops, so now I just have to drink more of those delicious healthy, hoppy American beers.

Researchers also suggest that drinking beer makes you fall down sometimes, but that that’s ok because beer-drinkers’ bones are like titanium. Everybody wins.

One Comment

  • No, everything about beer is bad, period. It’s just another gateway drug. Stop trying to rationalize it. And even more-so, stop using pseudoscience to do it.