My Only Paranoid Fear is on the Rise: New Yorkers Getting Hit by Subways

02/26/2010 2:57 PM |

evil train

Obviously, no one would want to get hit by a subway, but I’ve long had an active fear of being pushed in front of one by a mentally ill person. There is something exceedingly banal about the idea of just standing on the platform one minute and then having your existence snuffed out the next by the completely random act of a crazy person; it presents a level of meaningless to life that I don’t enjoy contemplating.

So this recent Daily News story, about a rash of subway deaths, is not going to help me relax. Eight people in the last 13 days have been hit by subway cars, four of whom have died. Some were suicides, some accidents and one was the old “I dropped my iPod.”

So yeah, I’ll be taking the bus home tonight, through the snow.