Nudity in Art Still Sort of Shocking, Kinda

02/26/2010 10:26 AM |

Brian Reed

Brian Reed’s exhibition “Through the Heart of It All” at Chair and the Maiden Gallery in the Village opened last week and, according to a piece in the Times yesterday, it didn’t take long for someone to complain about the nude in the gallery’s front window. This may have something to do with the artwork in question being not some studio painting of a nameless nude model, but rather a real, live nude standing in the window—to be exact, 26-year-old Megan Hanford (pictured).

The Times piece is quick to point out that the complaint didn’t come from local residents, Midwestern tourists or art critics who consider the piece an empty and exploitative attempt to generate buzz (though, ahem, there are some of those), but from cops. Hanford is back in the window now—hopefully not developing hypothermia in this weather—the NYPD having lost interest, much like everyone else. Reed’s exhibition wraps up on March 21.

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