Pizza, Long Restrained By Its Two-Dimensional Triangle Form, Now Comes in Cones

02/24/2010 3:01 PM |

pizza cones

  • “We used to be real pizza slices.”

Pizza in cone form has arrived, a breakthrough which will allow us to finally eat pizza with our hands. K! pizzacone opened Monday on Fifth Avenue, and as one wag was heard to say, “Cones haven’t been this controversial since Madonna filled them with her breasts.”

All pizzacones are made from golden pizza crust and are filled with your choice of tomato or pesto sauce. After selecting a sauce, patrons are invited to build their ‘za ‘one from a variety of traditional ingredients, including spinach, green peppers and artichokes. K! pizzacone is the first of its kind in America, and the Fifth Avenue establishment is expertly decorated with minimalist Japanese furniture and pastel geometric shapes on the walls. The name “Pizzaberry,” apparently, was taken.

Will New Yorkers, who’ve long made a tradition of folding their thin-crust slices into easily edible triangles, take to the new form? The answer, I would submit, is no.

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