Terrible Person of the Day: Horse Killer and Canine Eugenicist, Marion Hulick

02/17/2010 11:19 AM |

french bulldog

Filed under the category of “people who treat animals as objects of profit and vanity” comes the story of Marion Hulick, whose French bulldog, “I’m On Fire,” was the first of his genetically compromised inbred dog type breed to win the “Non-Sporting Group” at the Westminster Dog and Idiot Show last night. (“Non-Sporting” is just a euphemism for the poor, inbred creatures who’ve had every last whiff of animal instinct selected out of their genetic makeup so they can fit into Fendi bags; way to go HUMANS.)

So, insofar as the idea of a “pure breed” leads to genetically compromised pooches while simultaneously turning them into shop-window commodities, I’m pretty stridently anti-dog show (like this lady!). But here’s the thing about Marion Hulick: 20 years ago she arranged to have a thoroughbred horse murdered so she could claim some of the insurance money. Acting under orders from her then boss, George Lindemann Jr., Hulick paid a hit man $35,000 to electrocute a show horse named “Charisma.” She served six months for her crime.

The moral of this story? “I’m On Fire,” if you’re reading this, just run, run as fast as your unnaturally stumpy little legs can carry you.

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  • Ummmm…while I may agree on the issue of Marion Hulick (who BTW is a woman), this is just another PETA diatribe. They do not fit into “”Fendi bags”. And the Non-Sporting group also encompasses Standard Poodles, bred to retrieve game from water, and several old Asian guard breeds including Tibetan Terriers, Shar-Peis and Chows. It might be nice if the writer did some research before making such a generalization.
    “Pure breeds” do not lead to genetically compromised animals…humans who are irresponsible do. It’s too bad that efforts cannot be directed where they need to be, to stop puppy mills and Internet sales of animals, instead of targeting those that are dedicated to the welfare of their animals….unlike PETA and the HSUS.

  • @bestinshow1111
    Celebrating and rewarding the purity of any given “breed” leads to the very things we agree should be stopped: puppy mills and Internet sale of animals. While I’m sure the great majority of show-dog owners treat their animals well, that doesn’t really have much to do with the inherent problem of these big money “purity” contests. There’s a good reason Border Collie breeders didn’t want to receive AKC accreditation for their breed… because they knew it would lead to puppy mills, sloppy breeding, and exploitation.

    And for every slightly dim Standard Poodle there’s an absolutely moronic Bichon Frise, speaking of Non-Sporting dogs. (Also, yes, Marion Hulick is a woman… is that better or worse?)

  • I misread the “his” portion in the article, and no, it doesn’t matter what sex Marion Hulick is. The crime remains the same.
    But as to the rest of the article, I think we will have to agree to disagree.

  • This woman shouldn’t ever be able to own any animal. The horse she killed Charisma is dead because of her! Charisma was a wonderful horse with a special personality to boot and this woman gets to live her life as she chooses while Charisma’s was cut short.
    The memory of Charisma lives on throughout the horse show world and is missed dearly. George Lindemann Jr and Barney Ward are outcast along with Marion. She didn’t pay nearly enough for her part in the murder of Charisma.
    Who cares about the breed of her dogs, that is NOT the issue it is the fact that SHE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A HORSE KILLER AND DESERVES NO MERCY!

  • I am not a fan of dog shows, having spent too many years of my own life competing in them, but I do not think that show dog breeders are the main cause of “defective” pets. There are written conformational standards for the AKC breeds. Whereas, puppy mill breeders and pet/backyard breeders have no standards at all. Their lack of standards, their lack of selection for desirable characteristics means that the puppies they produce have many conformational flaws and physical unsoundnesses such as malformed hips, malformed jaws, legs, etc. Having said that, I would also like to point out that in AKC shows, politics has a LOT to do with which dogs the judges pick as their winners. The doctor’s wife who will take them to the country club for drinks after the show will have the winning dog more often than a person who works for a living. One must also have a professional handler that has political pull with the judges. If he/she is bisexual and can sleep with both male and female judges, that is an advantage.

  • Animal lovers can debate all they want with AR people. In my opinion they are just as bad as the likes of this Hulick person if claims are true. They would kill off every animal if they got the chance, which makes them hypocrites. All you holier than thou people/breeders who think they are better than “puppy mills” and “commercial breeders”, or whatever moniker you want to give them. Once they are done legislating the PM or CB, they are coming after the little breeders. It’s too bad these idiots don’t see that, and work together to fight the AR. Pool your money and resources, instead of fighting and bickering amongst yourselves. Internet sales… That is the least of your worries. I am neither for breeders or AR, I love animals. The next animal extinction will be the family pet, no matter the species.

  • The accusation that dog show enthusiasts are “in it for the money” is a certain indication that the writer was too lazy to do their research. The vast majority of show dog breeders pour thousands into their animals with little hope of profit, their motivation the preservation and improvement of their breeds. That they only produce 5% of the total purebred dog population seems to go unmentioned in the diatribes about the harm they do. In fact, if it were not for dog breeders, many of the treatments and tests that average pet owners benefit from would not exist – because it is dog show enthusiasts and their organizations who pay for the bulk of the research. It’s probably high time we stopped doing that and forced PETA and the Humane Society of the United States pick up the bill with their big money advocacy profits….

  • Irresponsible owners kill shelter dogs, not breeders. If owners paid more attention to socializing and training their dogs, they would not wind up in shelters or rescues. I do rescue and the main reason owners relinquish their dogs are for training and behavioral issues. Or, the one that really gets to me “we just had a baby and don’t want the dog around the baby.” There are hundreds of other reasons but it all comes down to irresponsible owners.

  • Irresponsible owners kill shelter dogs, not breeders. If owners paid more attention to socializing and training their dogs, they would not wind up in shelters or rescues. I do rescue and the main reason owners relinquish their dogs are for training and behavioral issues. Or, the one that really gets to me “we just had a baby and don’t want the dog around the baby.” Or, “our new apartment complex doesn’t allow pets.” Would you have moved there if the apartment complex didn’t allow children? There are hundreds of other reasons but it all comes down to irresponsible owners.

    Get at the heart of why people give up their dogs and work on that problem instead of pointing fingers and trying to place blame.

  • It is a shame that there is such a blatant lack of knowledge regarding conformation dog shows in this article. The vast majority of people that breed, raise, own, and show dogs in AKC conformation shows are extremely responsible animal lovers. No one is showing dogs for the money, as there is none to be made or won, but rather they do it for the love of the animals and love of the sport. Responsible breeders spend countless hours ensuring their dogs are healthy and are in the best homes possible, often times taking puppies and adults back if they do not work out with their owners, to ensure they do not end up in shelters. These dogs live amazing lives sleeping on peoples beds and couches and getting more time with their owners than most pets do.
    The above being said, Marion Hulick is one of the vilest creatures to walk this earth. I am an individual who has been involved with horse and dog shows for a very long time, and it is an extreme detriment to see that she has resurfaced in this manner. She is not someone who should ever be allowed to be involved in any activity involving animals.

  • This woman should not be allowed to have animals, period., let alone show them. She was the 2nd owner of a wonderfulful Thoroughbred gelding that I foolishly adopted to someone who I thought could give him the best of everything -he was 17 1/2 hands, not gelded at the time, -we’d bottle fed him because he was rejected by his mom, and he was a handful. and he was very attatched to my mother and I. We had hoped he would become a dressage horse, but because he stuck out his tongue sometimes due to the bottle feeding, he was sold to the Hulicks as a hunter-jumper. From there on, I lost touch, but always wondered about him, hoping someday, in his retirement, I could offer him a place to be just a horse, and he could be loved and enjoy life w my horses Ginseng and Aist, both of whom were rescues, at our farm, when we finally found the right one. All during this time, I checked the Chronicle, looking for his name, Fearghas, never having any luck. I’d been follwing the story about the Chicago trials some 20 yrs ago, and to my surprise, Marions’ name came up. I tried to get in touch for years prior that, because I knew she kept tabs on her horses. Apparently Gussy, as we called him, had been very successful, and had gone up to Canada w someone involved w the Olympic team, so said one of the members of the Hulick family. I never did reach Marion directly- but, after my husband and I found our place and built our barn, we did reach Marion by email- she did call me and told me “your horse died of colic”. I thought I was going to pass out. What a horror. After all these years. Could he have been one of the possible 100 horses that met their untimely deaths at the hands of these monsters? I don’t know. Does anyone have any information about whether this is true or not. Gussy was also known in the show circuit as Second Thoughts. He was a gorgeous big bay gelding w a star and a snip, and the last place he was supposed to have been was back in the states in Virginia maybe 15 years ago.