The NYPD Has Seen Your Tattoos

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02/18/2010 12:23 PM |


Today the Times reports on the NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center, which contains databases on, among other things, tattoos, body art often being among a person’s more distinguishing characteristics and thus a useful way of matching descriptions to prior records. (They also have databases for birthmarks, silly walks and skin conditions—so if any of you are taken into custody during a breakout, be sure to mention that your complexion is usually clearer, you’ve just been a little stressed lately.) Text-based tattoos are especially easy to match to a person; tribal tattoos, being abstract, are more difficult.

The ability of police to track down a person based upon a pattern inked permanently into his or her skin is an important component of the NYPD’s ever more data-based policing. It is also almost certainly a pilot program of the coming one-world government, which plans to implant microchips and barcodes in all “citizens.” The mark of the beast!

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  • So, to all criminals out there, don’t try to show off your tattoo when you are going to commit crime..haha.. Just kidding. Once you commit crimes you can’t runaway. Karma is out there!