The Ultimate Hipster Design Exhibition: Handmade Bikes at the Museum of Arts and Design

02/18/2010 11:29 AM |

Richard Sachs bike

Yesterday, the Museum of Arts and Design announced that in May it will open an exhibition of 21 handmade, custom-designed bicycles by bike shop legends from around the country (and one, Dario Pegoretti, from Italy). The show, Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle (opens May 11), will be curated by Bespoke owner and bike collector Michael Maharam and Sacha White, the master bike builder from Vanilla Bicycles in Portland. Along with Pegoretti and White, the exhibition will feature bicycles by four other builders: Richard Sachs (work pictured), Mike Flanigan, Jeff Jones and J. Peter Weigle. But what about Aurumania’s gold-plated fixed gears, or the track bike that Damien Hirst designed for Lance Armstrong. (Artdaily)