Totally Rad Silent Protest of Torture Buff John Yoo Should Be Repeated Everywhere

02/18/2010 5:01 PM |

Grad students at Johns Hopkins silently protested guest torture facilitator John Yoo as he gave a speech to a student organization. Eventually Yoo just realizes their protest (which didn’t in any way inhibit his ability to speak) was “a teachable moment” vis a vis the First Amendment. So, in strong agreement with Andrew Sullivan, let’s repeat this protest wherever he goes.


One Comment

  • When I first read this headline I thought it was about students protesting John Woo’s facilitation of torture. I immediately began thinking that the many scenes of more or less explicit torture in John Woo movies probably have, in fact, caused some immeasurable but no doubt real culture-wide relaxing of our moral opposition to acts of torture. Having arrived at this new understanding of Woo’s films, I realized that your post is about John Yoo, not John Woo, a surname confusion that probably makes me sound racist. That’s all.