Update: Definitive Jux Definitely Going on Some Sort of Hiatus

02/03/2010 1:15 PM |

Definitive Jux closing

As I wrote yesterday, rumors of the shuttering of indie rap label Definitive Jux recently reached critical mass, with several of its current and former artists tweeting about its demise and many music blogs supposedly confirming the news. Well, last night Def Jux co-founder and artist El-P posted this announcement on the label’s website, explaining the whole situation. Long story short, he’s taking time off from running the company to focus on his own music, and though the label will continue to sell its catalog, there will be no new music in the foreseeable future. As El-P puts it:

I’m stepping away from my duties as artistic director for the label to concentrate on what I love most: being a producer and an artist full time… This means change for JUX. Of course we’ll still have our website, we will still sell our catalog, merch and more as well as bring you news and updates on all our projects and artists… But then as a traditional record label DEF JUX will effectively be put on hiatus. We are not closing, but we are changing.

All of which leaves us with a slightly smaller handful of semireputable underground hip-hop record labels.