What Did I Do This Weekend? Watched This Video by the Morning Benders a Few Hundred Times

02/16/2010 1:16 PM |

You guys, March 9 is going to be so great. Titus Andronicus is set to release their larger-than-life Civil War concept album, ex-Beulah frontman Miles Kurosky’s record finally comes out, and the Morning Benders’ release Big Echo, which is going to be full of perfect 50s-inspired pop, if this live performance of “Excuses” has anything to say about it. Watching it will make your heart melt… and then you’ll spot John Vanderslice and Christopher Owens of Girls among the guest performers, and it will melt even more. And then lead singer Christopher Chu will fold his hands when he sings, and it will melt even more.

Yours Truly Presents: The Morning Benders “Excuses” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

One Comment

  • A 3-song EP is already out via iTunes; the full CD (Desert of Shallow Effects) is going to be mind-altering and life-changing. I am among those who never understood why Beulah didn’t rule the world. The Coast Is Never Clear got me through 9/11 and the first Bush term, and Yoko got me through the 2nd. I still listen to those 2 every day, and make new discoveries each time. I hope 2K10 will be The Year of Miles Kurosky.

    — Jex Jarlo