Abstract Expressionists for Your (Stamp) Collection

03/12/2010 5:10 PM |

abstract expressionist stamps

Between the long lines and consistently mean people working at the windows, the only redeeming quality of a visit to the post office is picking out stamps. The U.S. Postal Service understands this and just released a set of ten 44 cent stamps commemorating the icons of Abstract Expressionist painting to ease the pain.

For $4.40, you can buy a sheet of ten stamps featuring works by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell (the lone female artist in the club), and more. They’re arranged on a sheet to look as though they’re hanging on a museum wall, complete with a faux wall placard and all.

Though I’m not quite sure how well such visually complex pieces will translate after being shrunken down so much (especially Pollock’s “Convergence“—the original canvas is 93 by 155 inches), they’re still a cool departure from the Liberty Bell stamps that have been disintegrating in my wallet for months. But as much as the art-nerd inside me thinks it will be fun to pay for snail-mail with a miniature version of “The Liver is the Cock’s Comb,” whether or not that’s enough to get me to write a letter (by hand?!) and head to the post office on a Saturday morning remains to be seen. (Artinfo)