Alternate Video for Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” is Much Better Than Original

03/09/2010 9:58 AM |

In the original music video for “Pursuit of Happiness” (embedded after the jump for comparison), the third single off Kid Cudi’s debut Man on the Moon: End of Day featuring Brooklyn duo Ratatat, the Cudder is rapping at regular speed during a slow-motion club scene, with all kinds of glittery stuff and pretty people floating around him. In the alternate video, below, Kudi is caught in an M.C. Escher painting as it might be rendered by Michel Gondry, trying to escape a trick couch, drifting through smoke and being courted by some women with very unusual headgear. Basically, you should watch this alternate version because it is much, much better than the original and will make you like the song more than you did before, which is, like, the whole point of music videos, right? (TheDailyWhat)

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