Am I the Only Person Who Didn’t Know Lost in the Trees Until Today?

03/02/2010 4:40 PM |


Thanks to Mr. Catbird over at MBV, I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon delving into the music of North Carolina chamber-folk band Lost in the Trees, whom I had regrettably never heard of, and who recently inked a deal with Anti Records to re-release their 2008 album All Alone in an Empty House, this spring. Main songwriter Ari Picker’s guitar playing is as tasteful as it is impressive, and his voice is among the strongest I’ve heard in some time—if there’s a small complaint to be made, it’s that he doesn’t push it as far or as hard as he probably should. The album’s title-track is streaming here, and you can watch some pretty great videos here. Or you could just click through the jump for my favorite.