Anti-New Museum Posters Spotted on Bowery, in Chelsea

03/10/2010 9:12 AM |

Jeff Koons Joannou yacht

Last week on my way to the Skin Fruit press preview at the New Museum I passed a poster on Bowery that featured the museum’s iconic building made-over with the colors of the custom paint job that Jeff Koons did for Dakis Joannou’s yacht (pictured) below the phrase “Anti-Establishment” in the museum’s familiar font. At the time, because the design looked so much like an actual New Museum ad, I assumed it was a self-deprecating joke on the part of the institution, but according to Hyperallergic it’s another renegade publicity campaign from Adam Wissing, Kenny Komer, and Boris Rasin, the three friends behind Mr. Burns’ recent mayoral campaign. Check out their pitch-perfect parody poster after the jump. (Curbed)

New Museum

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