Atlantic Yards Judge Receives Suspicious White Powder in the Mail

03/08/2010 12:23 PM |

Justice Abraham Gerges, the guy who ruled in favor of the long-delayed Atlantic Yards project, received a letter on Thursday containing suspicious white powder, causing the NYPD to evacuate an entire floor at the Kings Country Supreme Court Building. Last week Gerges invoked eminent domain to help get Bruce Ratner’s mega-zillion dollar development past its last hurdle, and people are understandably pissed. (If you’re pissed too, there will be a big—hopefully really big—protest at Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony. Details here.) The powder was later found to be inert.

Apparently Gerges is also ruling on a controversial Staten Island steroids trial, so the man probably has enemies in more than one borough. But the fact that the government is basically seizing private property so two rich guys (Ratner and some Russian) can build a basketball court and some luxury apartments may be what has pissed off some anonymous, unhinged white dude who thought he’d send in some scary baking soda.