Deitch Colleague Kathy Grayson Taking Some of the Closing Gallery’s Artists

03/12/2010 10:11 AM |

Kathy Grayson, Dash Snow, Terence Koh

After months and months of idle and blind speculation as to what might happen to Deitch Studio’s large stable of young art stars when owner Jeffrey Deitch closes the gallery on June 1 to begin his director-ship at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art, yesterday Artinfo got something of a scoop from Deitch gallery director Kathy Grayson (pictured with the late Dash Snow and Terence Koh), long considered the most likely successor. Grayson will be taking some of the Deitch artists to a new, as-yet-unnamed Soho gallery likely at 47 Wooster Street, for which she is signing a lease shortly.

She doesn’t expect to take some of the household names on the Deitch roster, like Kehinde Wiley or Ryan McGinness, but will likely take a lot of its younger artists who she has been managing—like Rosson Crow, whose large-scale graffiti-infused abstract expressionist paintings are currently on view at Deitch in a show that Grayson curated. She’s planning to open with a bang, a sequel to Deitch’s 2000 exhibition Street Market, in which Barry McGee, Todd James and Stephen Powers created a full-scale street scene installation/sculpture/performance space. Grayson told AI: “I don’t want to have a stable of artists and 10 solo shows a year. It’s going to be a crazy circus like it’s always been.”