Guru of Gang Starr in a Coma After Heart Attack

03/01/2010 8:49 AM |

Guru of Gang Starr

According to every rap website (HHWired, HHDX, NahRight, MissInfo) Guru, pictured, the rapping half of the best or second-best hip-hop duo ever Gang Starr (along with DJ Premier), suffered a heart attack yesterday, and went into a coma. He’s scheduled to undergo surgery—presumably some sort of bypass—at a New York hospital today.

Though born and raised in Boston, Guru (now 43) is basically considered a Brooklyn MC, and in addition to legendary Gang Starr albums has also released two solo records and the jazz-hip-hop fusion series Jazzmatazz. With his unmistakably smooth, monotone flow, he mixes incredibly witty battle rhymes with more politicized and progressive content, giving him a pretty uniquely broad appeal with fans of both gangsta and “conscious” hip hop. More (hopefully good) news as it breaks, and for the time being my personal Guru favorite after the jump.