Hear Two New Broken Social Scene Songs, Neither of Which Is As Good As That Last New Broken Social Scene Song

03/23/2010 4:12 PM |


It’s been a few weeks since we were graced with the arrival of “World Sick,” the dreamy, heavily textured first single from Broken Social Scene‘s forthcoming fourth album, Forgiveness Rock Record, and today we get two more: “Forced to Love” is a fairly straightforward, relatively hard-hitting upbeat track that wouldn’t sound terribly out of place on modern rock radio next to Kings of Leon or some bullshit, while “All to All” is more in keeping with what you’re expecting—all spacey and swirling, driven by female vocals that could be coming Amy Millian or Emily Haines or maybe some combination of them or maybe someone else entirely? I really don’t know. For my money, though, neither of the new songs can touch “World Sick,” which sounds like all the best Broken Social Scene songs, only better, actually, because John McEntire produced it, and he specializes in making records that don’t sound like someone’s leaning on your speakers. Their nifty little player thing is embedded after the jump.