Hockey, Briefly Taken Seriously by America, Unveils Chocolate Stanley Cup

03/11/2010 12:23 PM |

chocolate Stanley Cup

  • My favorite team, the Maple Leafs, may have a chance at the chocolate cup. Though probably not.

My beloved sport of hockey, after very briefly capturing mainstream attention in this country, can now return to its comfortable spot on the margins of the American consciousness (alongside arena football and the social-democratic ideal of a common good). In partnership with Hershey’s yesterday, the NHL unveiled a life-sized chocolate replica of the Stanley Cup made from 150 lbs. of milk chocolate, which took 12 hours to create. The Stanley Cup (named for Lord Stanley of Preston) is the oldest trophy in sports and is now made of chocolate. If this doesn’t get Americans to finally respect hockey as a premiere sport, then maybe next year we should make the cup out of cheeseburgers.