Hungover, Happy: Canada Wins Hockey Gold

03/01/2010 12:46 PM |

SIdney Crosby

  • “Way to go little buddy!”

I can finally get back to not caring about anything (because I know I’ll just get my heart broken in the end)! Yup, Canada beat the USA in men’s Olympic hockey yesterday, taking the gold medal in what was a fast, tough, wonderful example of the North American game. Sidney Crosby scored the game-winner in overtime beating Ryan Miller’s oversized equipment Ryan Miller to send me and 33 million other Canadians into a one long drunken revel. (Dear Employers: Said drunken revel has nothing to do with why I am “working from home” this morning.)

I am so happy right now I could spit.

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  • Yeah, but you choked at women’s curling!

    Great finish to that game, Parise scoring with 24 sec. left is a moment that a lot of people will never forget. Just that Friday at work someone remembered that JP Parise scored the winning ot goal vs Rangers in 1975 (and in the next round Isles came back from 3 games down to beat Penguins). So when Zach scored that goal, it was like hand of destiny (or hockey gods)…: