“Inspirational” Commercial is Just a Bizarro Version of a Famous Simpsons Episode

03/16/2010 11:58 AM |

Simpsons Mr. Burns blocks out the sun

Remember how in part one of the classic Simpsons two part-er, Who Shot Mr. Burns?, the evil old nuclear power billionaire deployed a giant shade to block out all sunlight in Springfield? Well… this Biblical new commercial for an orange juice company that will remain nameless until the final seconds of the clip (hint1 : it’s not Sunny Delight; hint 2: it’s in the tags at the bottom of the post) did just the opposite for the little town of Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. 31 days into the perpetual night of arctic winter, [orange juice company] created a giant sun (or orange)-like orb to illuminate Inuvik one morning, which is so fucking moving and beautiful that all the kids and old folks (middle-aged people, not so much) come out to gaze inspirationally into the giant glowing fruit, their faces aglow. Then, while caught in this trance, reps from [orange juice company] shove bottles of orange juice into their hands and corrupt the magic of the moment. Still, the first 37 seconds of the clip after the jump are kind of amazing. (NOTCOT)