It’s Not That I Want to be a Real Boy: A Photo Essay

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03/04/2010 4:22 PM |

“Boys have it easy. They get to have dirty fingernails and wear comfy underwear. They get to burp and scratch and get blowjobs. Even in junior high, a little unannounced erection was nothing compared to period stains, razor nicks, and uni-brow waxing. As we become adults, boys still get surprise boners, but now they get to use them to fuck hot bitches. Well, the rude boys fuck hot bitches. The good boys get to make sweet hetero love, and then have a beer.

It’s not that I want to be a real boy. I’m a girl who likes girls who like girls who look like boys. And it’s better than being a boy. None of the unwanted body hair, rough skin, or receding hairlines. I get to be gorgeous and androgynous and I can pull off a bowtie.

And yes, I still get to fuck hot bitches. And then have a beer.”

-Amy Jackson Lewis (image #1)

Check out the slideshow below for the entire Girls Will Be Boys photo essay by Crystal Gwyn.

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