J-Kwon is Missing, Probably Got Too Tipsy

03/03/2010 8:47 AM |


According to his record label, Gracie Productions, St. Louis rapper J-Kwon has been missing for over a month now (a visit to his Twitter account confirms no activity, and therefore no life for all intents and purposes, since January 24), which, with an album set to drop on March 23, is either an especially unfortunate time for something really bad to happen, or it’s a publicity stunt.

The label has set up the Twitter @WhereIsJKwon in hopes that someone might know something, but instead, predictably, horrible internet people have been using the site to make fun of the missing MC: “who is J-kwon,” “what ever happen to J-Kwon #2hitwonder.” Until this is deemed definitely an album-related publicity stunt, I’ll only say that J-Kwon had one really, really great song (after the jump), which makes this kind of sad. Maybe it’s the rap gods’ way of balancing out the cosmos after Guru cheated death.