Jeff Koons Gives Tour of Top Floor of Skin Fruit Exhibition at the New Museum

03/09/2010 12:47 PM |

Skin Fruit at the New Musuem

The controversial New Museum exhibition of selections from Greek billionaire and museum trustee Dakis Joannou’s collection of contemporary art, selected by one Jeff Koons, opened last week at the Lower East Side museum. Titled Skin Fruit, and on display through June, it features a cumbersome assortment of big, loud and often not very interesting or memorable works by some of the biggest names in contemporary art, and a few surprises.

Predictable pieces by Cindy Sherman, Matt Greene and Paul McCarthy, for instance, quickly get lost in the shuffle, while an impressive Nigel Cooke oil landscape, a John Bock performance video and installation, and Nathalie Djurberg‘s hilariously disturbing animations manage to lodge themselves in viewers’ minds by avoiding or exceeding the grandeur that permeates the show. I have to admit I’m also a sucker for David Altmejd‘s giant mirrored and prismatic sculptures, one of which Jeff Koons discusses in his video tour of the show’s top floor, embedded after the jump. (Hypebeast)

You’ll notice that he doesn’t really discuss the show’s supposed theme of bodies and physicality, possibly because it’s very loosely applied and disappears for long stretches, including in Koons’ only piece in the show, One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (1985).