Lil Wayne Finally Begins One Year Jail Sentence

03/09/2010 8:51 AM |

Lil Wayne

Yesterday was the (third or fourth) big day for Lil Wayne: after multiple delays delayed his sentencing to one year of jail time for a gun possession charge dating back to 2007, Weezy began his stint at Riker’s Island yesterday.

According to various rap blogs he’ll be in protective custody behind bars, and will likely only serve eight months with good behavior. The Post managed to catch chaotic video of a hooded Weezy walking into the Manhattan courtroom where he received his sentence yesterday, which you should really watch (after the jump) if only to hear one female fan yell: “Wayne, I got your face tattooed on my (inaudibles)!” Wrists? Ribs? Something less G-rated? I really can’t tell. Also, don’t miss @liltunechi‘s ominous final tweet for a while: “Law is mind without reason. ……………..I’ll return”