Marina Abramovic Will See You Now

03/15/2010 9:33 AM |

Innovative performance artist Marina Abramovic’s MoMA retrospective (reviewed here) only opened to the public yesterday, but she’s been at her station all day every day for a week already (and will be through May 31) for the show’s only new piece, The Artist Is Present, which is also the exhibition’s title. Not surprisingly, videos of the performance are starting to pop up on YouTube, as it involves sitting quietly with Abramovic in the busy MoMA atrium and trying to forge some kind of emotional connection through the noisy silence. Bring a camera and a friend, and have footage of yourself working with a legendary performance artist to show your grand-kids! It’ll look something like this:

Or watch the whole thing live on the MoMA site.

One Comment

  • Someone sat with her most of the day on Sat. : go to posts from Sat. to see pics and bit of background on the guy.

    I was there on Fri. and someone in security told me about that guy. This security person was pretty sure someone was going to try going for a full day (a woman sat with her for almost hour and a half when I was there.)

    Btw- if you’re going to take pics make sure to do it stealthy, no pics allowed according to signs in the room, and security will tell you to stop if they see you.