People Will Do Just About Anything for Five Dollars

03/01/2010 9:41 AM |


Fiverr is an online marketplace where people sell their services for five dollars. There are offers for more mundane things like graphic design work, someone will honestly and objectively critique your musical performance or your art, someone else will give you advice on your car problems.

But the best are the very personal, intangible and often relationship-related services that have been slapped with a $5 price tag: this person will help you become more likable; this person will try really hard to cheer you up; this person will talk to you for five minutes; this person will have a text message conversation with you for an hour; and multi-talented user SeXySaShA will leave you a personalized sexy message, break up with your boy/girlfriend for you, and send email and text messages to your ex posing as your new girlfriend (this service is available to men only). Gross. (Urlesque)

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  • It is YOUR opinion that people are willing to do mundane, boring things for 5 dollars. That is a very narrow-minded point of view, and it is strange you would write an article about that. Let people do as they please – some people are just trying to get by..

    But MY opinion is that your website sucks!!! If anything is boring or mundane, it is your website!!!

  • You can sell your services also on – global service marketplace