Shakespearean Version of The Big Lebowski Opens This Week

03/16/2010 2:40 PM |

Two Gentlemen of Lewboski

A little over two months ago I mentioned that Adam Bertocci had re-written the entire script of the Coen Brothers’ cult classic The Big Lebowski as the Shakespearean tragicomedy Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. I expected it to live online forever as a bit of thorough and loving fan fiction, but now here we are two days away from the play’s world premiere!

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski will run for two weeks at the Kraine Theater on East 4th Street, although the show’s press person assures me that the production is already completely sold out. Still, with original tickets costing $20 and current scalping rates being what they are, dedicated fans can probably snap up seats for $35 or so. And for everyone else, don’t worry: something tells me this won’t be the last production we’ll see of this hopefully-as-delightful-onstage-as-on-page high-low mashup.