Shelter Puppies Running Out of Food

03/12/2010 1:33 PM |


  • “Please, save us, you’re our only hope.”

File under “Why fiscal crises suck, non-human victims.”

Puppies, kittens, the sick and elderly of both species, are not getting the food they need.

The NY Center for Animal Care and Control, our already underfunded and mismanaged (by the bozos in the Department of Health which oversee it) city shelter, has had its budget slashed even further.

Now they can’t afford canned cat and dog food (and kitty litter). Click through to save all the little animals.

Canned foods are absolutely necessary for very young animals, sick animals, and those with dental problems/injuries. Enterprising animal rescuers have negotiated a deal with a wonderful Queens-based pet food wholesaler, C+K, which is offering cases of canned food and bags of litter at 5% less than their wholesale price, so that we, the general public, can purchase them directly by calling 718-894-4302.

Delivery will be taken care of by others: all you have to do is pick up the phone, tell them what you want to donate (Dog food: $17.76/case, Cat food: $19.20/case, Litter: $7.75/ 40 pound bag) and whip out your credit card. (Again, that number, 718-894-4302.)

A case of dog food for less than you spent on takeout last night. Less than three beers + tip. And it will literally save lived. PUPPY LIVES.

Operators are standing by (between the hours of 9am and 6pm weekdays, 9am and 3pm Saturday).

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