The L’s Cocktail Compass Helps You Plan for Happy Hour

03/08/2010 1:59 PM |

Drunk LOL Cat

I realize that it’s just barely the afternoon and therefore only slightly socially acceptable to be drinking (unless you’re doing it secretly, in which case it’s always acceptable), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for an afternoon and evening of cheap drinks. The L Magazine‘s free iPhone app Cocktail Compass will help get you there quicker and more conveniently by providing directions to and details on nearby bars with happy hours customized for your exact time and location in the city. Live updates and countdown clocks help you get the most booze for your buck so that you can end the evening happy, fluffy and content, like the satisfied Cocktail Compass user above.

One Comment

  • Sigh, iPhone-shiPhone. What’s with discriminating against the other phones? How about a mobile browser version for the Droid, etc. users? Do we not deserve the same chance to drunkenly embarrass ourselves in public??? Come on, L Mag… I thought we were cool.