Watch Lil Wayne’s Pre-Incarceration Video Diary

03/01/2010 3:42 PM |

Originally scheduled to begin a one-year jail term, most likely at New York City’s Riker’s Island complex, on February 9, Lil Wayne got an additional three weeks’ freedom so he could get, like, eight root canals in one day and shoot a thousand videos for stock-piling over the next eight-to-twelve months. With the big day looming (tomorrow, March 2), Wayne has been filing video diaries since Friday (number one below, number two after the jump), affording viewers unprecedented insights such as the following: Weezy actually ends half his sentences with “no homo” in everyday conversation; when Weezy really wants to party he drinks sweetened tea; his Twitter account is named for his grandmother’s nickname for him (@liltunechi), and he’s seen “a female… I forget what female that was,” who has more followers than him and really wants to have more followers than her.