What If All of America Lived Like Brooklyn?

03/22/2010 1:59 PM |

As we had a tease of summer this weekend, so too were we reminded of how intense things can get in Brooklyn when the sun shows up: sitting on the stoop drinking forties, relaxing in deck chairs on the sidewalk drinking forties, washing the car (while testing out the speakers) drinking forties, playing ball in the street (drinking non-alcoholic forties), just cold getting drunk and yelling (drinking forties). It’s fun and crazy and occasionally awful and aggravating but it’s Brooklyn. So what if all of America lived like that?

That’s just the question Shane Keaney asked in his entry to Good Magazine’s “Neighborhood Infographic” contest. The answer? It turns out that if 300 million Americans lived at the same density as we do in Brooklyn, the whole country would fit into New Hampshire—and then we’d all be neighbors.

America as Brooklyn

  • Brooklyn in the house.

(For a closer look, head here.)

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