World Hot Dog-Eating Champion Takeru Kobayashi Comes to Dumbo, Becomes World Meatball-Eating Champion

03/09/2010 2:27 PM |

So this happened at Fulton Ferry Landing in Dumbo yesterday for no apparent reason:

Takeru Kobayashi in Dumbo

That’s Takeru Kobayashi—Guinness World Record-holder for most hot dogs eaten (by a human) in a minute—about a third of the way through the platter of 29 IKEA meatballs that he ate in one minute for a panel of Guinness judges yesterday afternoon in Dumbo to clinch a new world record.

According to DumboNYC, who snapped more photos of the event, each meatball was weighed to make sure that it met the minimum weight requirement of 14 grams. Some other questions come to mind: Where was the defending champ, and why was s/he not allowed to defend her/his title? Why Dumbo rather than Red Hook, where the meatballs presumably came from? Why meatballs and not something more Dumbo-appropriate, like slices of Grimaldi’s pizza? And if it had to be meatballs, why not get them from somewhere slightly local, like a Little Italy trattoria or something?