After.Life Trailer Invents A Shot Not in the Film

04/09/2010 4:37 PM |


Film trailers manipulate movies all the time. But I’ve never seen them use this trick before.

The above screenshot, from the end of the trailer for the limp and overly serious After.Life (which opens today), shows a scene that’s not in the movie. In fact, the image of Christina Ricci on the left and Liam Neeson on the right are from two different scenes, a trailer-editor-created split screen digitally manipulated so as to appear to be one widescreen composition! (Which may explain why, on closer examination, the perspective seems a bit off.) Neat trick, that, though it crosses a line. We expect trailers to sell us a movie dishonestly, but not to sell us a different movie altogether—especially one that doesn’t even exist.

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  • The trailer for Hocus Pocus promised an awesome scene with witches and an indoor pool, but that NEVER HAPPENED, even in the DVD excerpts. So lame.

  • The splicing together of scenes, or, especially, dialogue from different scenes, to make ratatat setup-punch jokes, is one of the oldest tricks in the trailer editing book (which, sadly, is not for sale on Amazon). I suppose it could be argued that this is a horse of a similar color–but still, yeah, unprecedented as far as I know.

  • Ummm.. it is in the movie (when Ricci tries to escape). Did you actually watch the movie?