And Zeus (Liam Neeson) Said: “Release the Movie So Bad That It Will Inspire a More Entertaining Internet Meme”

04/01/2010 3:27 PM |

As I struggle to articulate in my forthcoming, as yet unfinished (slash un-begun) review, why the new Clash of the Titans is so, so, so bad, I keep trying to remind myself that this boring, poorly acted, written and directed 3D remake will have had at least one positive effect: The Release the Kraken! meme. Thank you, internet, for taking a terrible pop culture disaster and turning it into something interesting. (Urlesque)

Release the Kraken Meme

One Comment

  • It makes me sad that they involved Liam Neeson in a film that’s so bad. He’s such a good actor, and doesn’t deserve the bad publicity.