Another New Hold Steady Track: “The Weekenders”

04/02/2010 1:56 PM |

I can’t front: I’m nervous about the new Hold Steady record. The first two leaked tracks, “Hurricane J” and “Rock and Roll Problems” left me relatively unmoved, wondering about the extent to which I’d miss Franz Nicolay, who, frankly, I’d always found sort of annoying. “The Weekenders” has me feeling a bit better about things this morning, though: There’s a sense of drama that’s missing from the other two, there are secrets, there’s a guitar solo with awesome harmonics, there’s a possible callback to the clairvoyant character from “Chips Ahoy,” and there’s the line, “It may end up that no one learns a lesson.” Now please, will someone send me the rest of the record? [Buzzworthy via SOTC]