Arizona Congressman: Please, Everyone, Boycott My State Until They Stop Being Such Crazy Birther Racists All the Damn Time

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04/21/2010 5:10 PM |


“We’re codifying into law, if the governor signs this, racial profiling, discrimination under the Constitution,” Representative Raul Grijalva, D-AZ, said, correctly, last night, discussing the “fundamentally racistimmigration bill that’s passed both chambers of his state’s legislature and will soon land on the governor’s desk. (Grijalva, the son of a migrant worker, represents Arizona’s 7th District, which encompasses The Surly Wench, much of Tuscon—though not the affluent north and east—and most of the rest of the southwestern part of the state, including almost all of the border with Mexico.)

He also took note of a bill, just passed by the Arizona House, which would allow on the state presidential ballot only candidates who can furnish proof that they are not secret Kenyans: “It’s embarrassing to those of us from the state of Arizona who feel that we’re much better than that.”

So? So: “The consequences we can only bring up right now is economic sanctions,” like we have in place with Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, et cetera:

We’re asking organizations—civic, religious, labor, Latino, organizations of color—to refrain from using Arizona as a convention site, to refrain from spending their dollars in the state of Arizona until Arizona turns the clock forward instead of backwards and joins the rest of the union.

The gentleman from Arizona—co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, incidentally—is far from the first Tusconan to feel such burning embarrassment over his home state’s shenanigans; most of the prior cases I’ve encountered, however, have simply decided to move to New York, rather than institute a crippling boycott of the bolo tie and prickly pear cactus jelly industries.