Arizona Governor Signs Racist, Unconstitutional Immigration Bill in Cowardly Friday Afternoon News Dump

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04/23/2010 5:14 PM |

Arizona’s proposed immigration bill, which requires police to stop and demand the papers of people who look like illegal immigrants, was condemned this morning by the president, and earlier in the week by Mexican-American Arizona Congressman Raul Grivalja, who received death threats for his trouble.

Following the bill’s passage this week by the Arizona legislature, Governor Jan Brewer had refused to disclose her plans for the bill. She signed it today, denying that the law would lead to racial profiling, even though the law requires local law enforcement officials to “to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a ‘reasonable suspicion’ is in the country illegally,” and there is literally no other possible way to interpret “reasonable suspicion.”

Court challenges will follow immediately; and the timeline for federal legislation just sped way the hell up.

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  • President Obama is wrong on this issue nor does he know the meaning of the word

  • @AmericanPieHole
    Go fuck yourself you ignorant moron.

  • Go Jonny, such a true statement about another poorly educated moron that thinks he/she knows it all, when infact they know jack. The Arizona Gov is a self preaching piece of racist shit with the only thing that makes her usefull between her legs.

  • The truth always hurts those that are the most ignorant.

  • I agree that the federal government(Congress) ought to address U.S. immigration problems head on. But those who advocate of purging illegal immigrants is in the interest of US security and economic interest(see Nazi rationalizations) from the US often ignore ethics and facts. Like it or not, illegal immigrants in the U.S. are on American soil and are protected by civil rights listed in the U.S. Constitition (starting with right to equality in public places).

    Civil Rights. Enacting laws that increase the likelihood of civil rights abuses is immoral. Jan Brewer states, “We have to trust our law enforcement,” but is naive to think police abuses will not occur by increasing the severity of being illegal by changing their status to criminal. Abuses occur today–from cases of sexual extortion of illegal immigrant women by law enforcement, in which these women feared deportation if they refused and/or reported the law enforcement abusers, to thousands of cases of Latino profiling that are listed in the ACLU/MALDEF class action suite against Maricopa County Sherrif’s Dept. Incidentally, my wife is a U.S. citizen of Mexican origin. Last year, she was followed for nearly a mile and pulled over by the MCSO last. The MCSO’s first request, “may I see your immigration papers.” Knowning the law, she refused. They would not give her a reason why she was pulled over and never documented their racist harrassment. By the looks of the ACLU list, this racist profiling occurs often, to legal and illegal persons unfortunate enough to have brown skin. I wonder if Jan would have signed this legislation if she were brown?

    Security. Arizona State Rep. Chabin refuted this cogently, “This bill is not the answer because it doesn’t make us safer. Let me give you a list of organizations that oppose this bill: the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Council, the League of Cities and Towns, the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police, border cities – the City of Yuma and the City of Sierra Vista – on and on and on and on. They oppose this bill because it distracts local police from the priorities that keep the community safe. It distracts them from going after real criminals – crack houses, drug sales and drug dealers within in the community – and diverting their attention away from the real criminals, and directs their attention to some guy that wants to rake someone’s lawn.”

    Economy. All too often, the postive economic impact by Latin immigrants on our economy is obliterated, and their negative impact accentuated. It is hard to understand why when reviewing abundant evidence. In a late 1980s study, economists overwhelmingly viewed immigration, including illegal immigration, as a net positive for the U.S. economy. According to James Smith, a senior economist at Santa Monica-based RAND Corporation and lead author of the United States

  • While I mostly disagree with Spencer’s position and would argue the stats he cites I do appreciate the civility and tone of his argument. We are all migrants including the Native Americans who came here some 20 thousand years ago. For the record I am of mixed European descent going back to the early 1800s.

    The issue for me is about the rule of law and why we have immigration policies. If we had open borders America would not be what it is today and to give amnesty to the 20-30 million that are here illegally today, America will not be what it was tomorrow. Mostly we would lose the American pride which is in large part why our country has reached the greatness that it has. Hyphenated Americanism and political correctness will destroy this country as it has in many past civilizations. To eradicate prejudice we must see ourselves as the same i.e. Americans. Leave your ethnicity at the door and come on in is in the spirit of

  • I agree 100% with the governor. It took a set of ovaries to sign this law in for her state. It is crazy. That law should have been enforced from the very beginning. you do not suppose to be in this country without a green card. This is the deal, some people has gotten rich off the illegal immigrants. Stating they are doing jobs no one else want to do. I said to that, is this a new form of slavery. With the births, hospital care, shelter, food, schooling, clothing,it is killing the tax payers. While some people are getting rich it is killing our economy. This has got to stop. We can no longer afford to do this . America has enough slackers that are citizens. This crap about this is going to happen and that is going to happen if we try to enforce the rules. I say let the chips fall where they may. We have got to solve this problem. If you want to be here do it the correct way. Another thing, it is NOT THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FAULT. IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT THAT HAS FAILED US BY NOT ENFORCING THE LAW THAT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. IT IS TIME TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN NO LONGER CARRY MEXICO. LET MEXICO DEAL WITH THEIR PEOPLE.

  • American Pie Hole: I do not have the time to spend pointing out every severe flaw present in this bullshit you have regurgitated, or every severe flaw in your character.

    Here’s one: “1. If we had open borders America would not be what it is today and to give amnesty to the 20-30 million that are here illegally today”

    1) Actually, you dumb fuck, America pretty much did let anyone into the country for a very long time, so yes that is why it is the country today.

    2) If those people are allowed to stay here, our country won’t be the same as it is now, with them here? You dumb stupid racist fuck.

    Here’s an idea for you: All people who can be reasonably suspected to be Republicans, white, and over the age of 40, must get shot in the fuckin head by the police?

    You don’t like it? Is it too politically correct for you?

  • American-dumbshit-PieHole (uh-oh, look…you are a hypenated American!): Though often I find the intense polarization of political and social opinion in our country pathetic and rather amusing on some level, an equal amount of time I am annoyed by liberal pieces of shit and rattled by conservative pieces of shit, like you.

    Your main problem–besides that like most ignorant conservative fuck-holes you “would argue statistics”, without actually doing so or looking into it, just merely stating that about statistics because they don’t serve your personal world-view (and actually in simply stating this, you convince yourself that you have dismissed it, you allow yourself that little bit of room where facts are no longer a concern, and you truly believe it. Baffling, idiotic, ignorant, stupid)– is this psuedo-religious foundational conservative idea, or precept, that has by now been wound into nearly every single one of your beliefs, of some “golden era”, or “the way things used to be”, or “the good ‘ole days.” An ideal that things, and America, were better in the past. That America was a greater nation when black people were color’eds and niggers couldn’t drink at your drinking fountain.

    But why? Why were things better “back in the day”? Why was America “greater” then than now? Do you know why? Is there any reason for you to actually believe that? Could you explain to someone who isn’t a conservative racist ‘tard why America was better, I don’t know, 30 years ago?

    I meant “Here’s a new law for you: All people who can be reasonably suspected to be Republicans, white, and over the age of 40, must get shot in the fuckin head by the police.”

    I know I know: it doesn’t go far e-nough. But hey, you have to respect people’s rights to…well to their fuckin’ rights.

    “…what is misguided is that [Obama] and our government has undermined the Constitution and the rule of law”
    – I would suspect that today’s conservative pundits and white-trash racists know better than every political and ruling body that our nation has ever had. Just an observation, I can’t argue this stastically, or argue statistics without bothering to do so (dumb fuck); it just occurs to me as a matter of common sense. And out of a need to have some trust in the history and character of our leadership.

    “Our government has been totally irresponsible allowing millions of foreign nationals to enter and working this country. It should be stopped and Arizona should not be criticized for acting where our federal government has dropped the ball.”
    -Okay, true they are here “illegally”. They are violating a law. And all laws are good and neccesary, and beneficial to society because they are laws. How’s THAT for a fuckin argument! (Hint: it isn’t even an argument. Just a principle commonly accepted by subservient white Christian fucking morons) But I drift…

    Yes, almost any type of crime can be more thoroughly stamped out, and laws more fully enforced in the absence of the very-American constitutional protections of a person’s liberty. In other words, in a police-state, where the police can barge into your home unnanounced with guns ready for no other reason than their want and ability to do so, and cause they had everyone’s phones wire-tapped and paid thousands of employees great wages with your tax-dollars to monitor every call and every email in America, then they find your pot or find AmericanPieHole’s kiddie-porn, and haul him off to jail to serve 10 years. Case closed, crime solved, society fixed. In the near future, much of this will become automated and computerized, to where AI-based recognition software would monitor all private conversations (and many in bugged-public places and bussinesses) for certain topics, red-flag-rasining phrases, warning signals and conversation of interest or of an illegal nature. Luckliy, in fuckin America (not 19th century Russia or the crime-less, terrorist-attackless 21st century America this bill envisions and that you would like to live in by going back to the good ole days when America was America and Americans were Americans), government agents are not going to have resonable suspicion that you are a member of a subversive policitical organization and investigate you with no probable cause, and sentence you to death for treason.

    A bit hyperbolic sure, but the civil rights and protections which prevent the “justice” system, police or goverment from operating in this way in the United States, are the same that apply to this immigration legislation. This bill, and any law functioning on the basis of similar legislation, is a fundamental violation of an American’s rights (as truly stated, a person’s rights on American soil), and are pro-nazi, pro-Taliban, and pro-any other totalitarian racist or fascist regime in history. It’s anti-rights and anti-freedom. I thought the personal freedoms affored to us by this country is what makes it so great? You wouldn’t agree there?

    You’re right in one place so far PieFuckFace, the #1 responsibilty of our government is to serve and protect it’s people (you used the word citizenry to sound smart and cause you’re racist and are unduly privaleged to live in this country with no apparrent appreciation of this blessing), and what largely distinguished America from other nations in history, was the founding fathers recognition, and insight, that protecting their nation’s people including protecting them from their government. Get it?

    “This issue is not about race except by the Latino population.”
    -I cannot even begin to fathom what you are meaning here. I only understand more so that you are racist. It is about race when you sign a bill into law that authorizes or allows police to check the documents and identity of a person because they are hispanic. I am confident there can be no argument that it is not racist and not a violation of a person’s rights. And you will see this soon when some hot-shot ass attorneys have this garbage bill overturned in the Arizona supreme court. But I’m sure you will know better than those judges anyways.

    “Enforce the law and allow the American working wage to rise to where American they can afford to do these jobs.”
    -That’s what’s keeping American’s from working minimum-wage (and less than minimum-wage jobs)? That they can’t afford to live on such a “salary”?) So, um, how are they “affording” to live at all? Wow, way to not be a moronic ignorant stallion. Did you back this up at all, or cite any sort of statistics, or even reasoning? Ooooof course you didn’t.

    Nevermind the statistics previously posted which you “argued” and countered (I mean didn’t bother to after satisfying yourself by stating that you didn’t like them cause they don’t serve your moronic uneducated beliefs). There are many people who argue (much more effectively than you are capable of) that there shouldn’t even be a minimum wage (I don’t agree there), or that raising the minimum wage is not even good for the economy or people’s financial situations in sum. It’s largely financially conservative thinkers in that department but the arguments do exist. Plenty of people work minimum wage jobs and afford it. This is just really baffling, although not so much knowing the sort of fuck up the thought came from.

    I suppose that the minimum wage is low in Idaho because they have a higher number of illegal immigrants per citizen than other states?

    “Enforce the law and it will decrease class sizes in our schools and stop the irresponsible birthing that is used to avert the law.”
    -Umm, more racist bigoted shit? Yes, enforce a law, again because it is a law, rather than increase spending and funding for public education.

    “It was the lack of enforcement that has caused the problem and enforcement is the only way to correct the problem.”
    ->See part above. Laws can be better enforced, but there must be a limit to the means by which this is done. Not only must there be limits, THERE ARE FUCKING LIMITS – laid down by YOUR beloved country’s constitution.

    “We are all migrants including the Native Americans who came here some 20 thousand years ago. For the record I am of mixed European descent going back to the early 1800s.”
    -Wow, so you admit that you are the same as the Hispanics Arizona’s yokels seek to persecute…but you aren’t the same somehow? I read this as ‘because you are one of the -better- immigrants’. Correct me if I’m wrong you stupid ignorant bigot piece of shit.

    “Mostly we would lose the American pride which is in large part why our country has reached the greatness that it has.”
    -Pride is neccesary. But any good Bible-lover of the rule of law should know that pride also has it’s limits. And how do we lose American pride by having immigrants that work a bunch of the lousiest jobs our economic model has to offer?

    A: “To eradicate prejudice we must see ourselves as the same i.e. Americans. Leave your ethnicity at the door and come on in is in the spirit of

  • I agree with AmericanPieHole whole heartedly. If all you supposedly “enlightened” individuals with your 100K ivy league degree in the liberal vermin bastions throughout this country. I guess you can’t even read the 16pg bill to begin with which specifically prohibits against racial profiling. The individual must first commit some type of offense and then they are asked to present papers. But just as our superstar attorney general Eric Holder, you have made your judgement of the law without even having read it. Now that’s the height of ignorance! So nice and cozy to have your progressive thoughts to protect the innocent illegals against the Nazi regime of Arizona while you sip your $5 lattes in Seattle or drink your martinis from park avenue in NYC. Well I live in Arizona and see how uncontrolled immigration is having its effect in Arizona. Ironically, the one you liberal vermin should be focusing on is on the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter and his failure to “control the borders”. Granted this has been ignored by both parties. However, this ignoramus of a president who stated from his teleprompter, that this misguided law will cause “indviduals to be harrassed while getting ice cream with their kids”. Either this harvard educated marxist is too stupid to read and comprehend the law or he is deliberately misguiding what Arizona has had to do to simply enforce the laws where the federal government has continued to fail.

    Interesting how you have had to resort to filthly language to maintain your position where AmericanPieHole has kept the highroad. Why don’t you go to Mexico without your papers and see what happens there. God Bless America. Look forward to November where folks who have had a crash coarsh in Jimmy Carter round two will wake up with a vengeance at the polls.

  • Pfft, the highroad. What the fuck is that worth?

    I take it that Liberal vermin bastions = cities?
    Any municipality or area containing more than 100k persons?

    “The individual must first commit some type of offense and then they are asked to present papers.”
    -I don’t know who told you this, but yes, I read the bill and this is not true. I’m not sure if that would change your opinion. Even if what you said was the case (which it isn’t), any immigrant who was driving could still be targeted, as it is nearly impossible to drive in a way that a cop could not find reasonable suspicion to believe you had broken a traffic law. Black people know this.

    I know many people who have lived in California and Texas. Although I have never been to Arizona. Could you explain to me what the effects of uncontrolled immigration have been in Arizona?

    Like the other ethnocentric/racist guy on here, ‘illegal immigrants are killing our country’ blah blah blah. Hospital supplies and doctor’s time? Teachers have more students to teach? Killing America?
    If America -is- dying, I thought that was because of some unimaginably powerful bankers and hedgefund companies who decided to play a game where the stakes were the financial and general well-being of every person on the planet.

    What are the terrible effects in Arizona of having illegal Mexicans there? You have to see them everywhere and deal with people who don’t speak much English? That must be tough. Did they take that lawn-care job you wanted?

  • For agreeing with PieHole whole-heartedly, it’s funny that you did nothing to defend him against anything that I posted.

    Except for calling me a liberal vermin “progressive”, which is only a bad term, or only works on other “non-liberals”, or “non-progressives” (the term is traditionalists). So basically I enjoyed that you agree with him but couldn’t defend his racism or stupidity.

    And what you were told about the bill is inaccurate, or you read it incorrectly.

    Since you agree with him, would you care to defend him or explain the guy, as it appears you do have two brain cells that strike each other occasionally?

    Would you defend his brand of arguing statistics?

  • “Why don’t you go to Mexico without your papers and see what happens there. God Bless America.”

    People primarily leave Mexico to come to the US, not the other way around. So, that you would try a comparison like this is inherently dumb. This was the point I was making when I said PieHoleFuckFace should move. What did he do to “deserve” to live here and be American? That’s right, absolutely nothing. He was born here by dumb fuckin luck.
    It’s only fair that if our economy has gotten so great by exploiting poorer nations, then their people should be allowed to come here and fuck it up.

    Except that no one has been able to explain just how a few million illegals is ruing our economy…

    I’ve been to Mexico, a couple times, and I don’t even think the police looked at us. ANYWAYS, you kind of disparage Mexico for operating in the way that Arizona is trying to, in the same sentence that you praise America? You really need to work on your sarcatic-god-bless-america-cohesion.

  • Also, the very fact that you believe in the Christian God excludes you from participating in any serious, fact-based discussion about anything.

    Allah Fuck America.

  • Hey Roke O, I have a few minutes to indulge your stupidity for today first with respect to the Immigration law. Maybe you need someone to read you the bill, because your wrong. Like I said, this is simply and enforcement bill whereas after a law enforcement official has made lawful contact with the individual can they ask for verification of residency…ie…drivers license. Yes it’s the Federal government’s role to secure the borders, however, they have obviously failed to do so. The overwhelming majority of the citizens of Arizona support this law which simply places the enforcement in the hands of Arizona law enforcement officials when the individual has cause to come in contact with a law enforcement official. I know majority rule means nothing to the liberal elites.

    Maybe you and Eric Holder can sit down together and read the bill and educate yourself. Again, if the Federal Govt would do its part, we would have a secure border which additionally is a national security issue to protect any sorts of criminal acts even terrorism….oh I can’t say that, it’s a “man caused disaster” according to our director of national security.

    Got to run for now, but I’ll continue our lesson later in the week. I’ll leave you with a homework assignment to first read the bill and tune off MSNBC for at least a week (your brain will thank you for it) and get your news sources from a variety, even watch Fox News, and just compare back to MSNBC, then do your own research. Hopefully, the neurons will fire up and a light bulb will come on. If your really advanced, I’ll tell you to study Reagan and how he fired up the economy after the Jimmy Carter trainwreck.

  • With regard to your comment on Christianity, all I can say is you obviously have such a hatred for this country. Why don’t you take your camel back home and stick a few pieces of dynamite in your underwear and do the world a favor.


  • You’re wrong about the wording of the bill. And if it fuckin says that, WHY DONT YOU FUCKIN QUOTE THE SECTION THAT SAYS IT

  • Thanks again for avoiding all of my questions with your MSNBC and FOX talking points.

    If this bill, at the least, doesn’t embarass you, then you are a racist.

  • Ok, if that helps you comprehend, when I have more time later this week, I’ll break down the bill section by section and quote it for you … maybe it’ll make more sense for you in that way. So let me ask you, do you think we are a nation of laws and the laws on are books should be respected or ignored…I doubt you do? Do you think we should have border security or not? Sorry , I would love to rebut you more, but I have to go to my job now…. so I can pay for your healthcare while you sleep in till 10am to go to your McDonald’s job.

  • It’s okay, save your breath. I just wanted you to do it so I could quickly show you why you are mistaken.

    “do you think we are a nation of laws and the laws on are books should be respected or ignored?”
    Look, you’re talking out of your ass here. All laws are not equal, and equaling deserving of respect. Sadaam’s Iraq was also a nation of laws, yes?

    You can disagree with the following statement if you wish to be unrealistic; every law was made by some group of people for some reason or to serve some purpose.

    Are you saying that in 1790 you would have to side with the nation’s founders and that you would argue/promote the law that only white land-owners get a vote?

    Would you support slavery, because it was the established law? Just cause it was already “on the books”?

    And I don’t mean, “Would you have”, as if you had lived in that time, beacuse I can’t realistically say that I wouldn’t have, what I mean is, being who you are now today, but -then-, or back in that time.

    Basically my “question” is thus; self-admit you are a racist, or admit that some laws can be bad and progressivism can be good. And also admit that you have nothing on me with this point.

    Some laws are good, some are not so good. You can’t say that a person, me in this case, is “anti-the-fucking-amazing-so-great-it-turn-me-fuckin-on-my-red-white-and-blue-dick-is-so-hard RULE OF LAW” (which I think is some angle wealthy and powerful people have taken to instill nationalism in you. Actually, yes now that I think about it, it is something like that) simply because we don’t agree with one law, or types of laws.

    I have no problem with laws which were rightly made, are justly enforced, and which have some verifiable benefit to a country and its people. American Drug laws for example, I believe should be completely ignored (carefully of course). Because I have no reason to believe they serve a common good, nor have any demonstrable benefits ever been shown to me by anyone. Not murdering people, on the other hand, is a law I believe should be observed.

    In other words, to answer your question (which you must have thought rhetorical, without realizing your ineptitude), some laws are good, some are bad. Furthermore, the “rule of law” holds no value in and of itself, by virtue of it being “civil” and a major ingredient of a better arrangement for humanity. Because any sensible fucking person with 3 brain cells knows that the “Rule of bad Laws” is not only possible, but proabably unavoidable. ‘All jews shall be taken to the camps’, for example. Not a good instance of the Rule of Law. Furthermore, you haven’t realistically followed the implications of your question, which is, in reality, not a question at all. It’s little more than you expressing your nationalism. But it’s misguided in this case, becuase it means and stands for nothing on its own. This is a nationalism you learned, not from experience like ‘natural’ nationalism would be, but a nationalism that was taught to you. Also by a number of people, for some purpose.

    Another common angle in the pro-nationalism conservative effort, is the idea that we are a free country. That America is about freedom. You’ve no doubt heard on Fox millions of times, how we are the “freest country on earth”. Anyone who has not allowed themselves to be blinded knows that there are freer countries in Europe. Countries where drug use, prostitution, equality in healthcare, homosexuality, etc are permitted. Your God-blessing-America nationalism orgasm you fools always seem to be having somehow causes you to believe someting which can quite easily
    be shown to be false by the simple empirical observation. A disregard of which is most common among you believers.

    Remember how we have the best healthcare system in the world? Except that all international bodies which measure an d rank this say that we aren’t? Certainly we are the most advanced in or are the leaders in some areas of healthcare and medicine, but this does not make our system the best, or the gold standard, as Limbaugh would tell you. And it seems that everyone else, besides Limbaugh would agree. The point here is the same as above.

    Obviously yes, we should have border security. Don’t try to act smart and sharp by being retarded. We should restrict dangerous people and dangerous criminals from entering the country. We also derive benefit from restricting (securely) the entry of materials and stuffs into the country, for economic, environmental, and saftey reasons.

    I think it should be much easier for people to gain citizenship. I think that in terms of people, not materials, we should allow almost anyone who is not a threat, or a criminal, to immigrate. It shouldn’t be about how much education a person has, or what language they speak, or how much money they have, or their age, or why they want to immigrate, or if their country is in ruins, or if they can pass some fuckin test. I would think you would see the benefit from this? Eventually we would have so many lower-class latinos that they would make up 73% of the armed forces. And then you wouldn’t have to worry about white people dying in the wars we must have to fix our perpetual hold on the resources needed to maintain the Capitalistic system you hold so dear. That’s a good thing! More latino soldiers!

    A large part of the reason that illegal immigrants are perceived as a strain on our economy, and I say perceived bacause I don’t beleive they are half the strain people claim them to be, is for the fact that they are illegals. It’s not because they aren’t hard workers or anything else(or are more often criminals- like your racist buddy PieHole contends). I mean, it’s tough to pay your taxes, or get health insurance through your work when your employer never even reports your existence. “Uh hola, IRS? Yes, me llamo Pedro, y, trabajo en Tuscon y…[sirens]”

    No matter how many times Fox says these things, no matter how many times you hear it from people who believe it, this is not the freest country on Earth, laws are not good inherently. Anyone who’s not blinded by propaganda and some sort of artificial nationalism knows that. And, here’s some statistics for you- 60% of your fellow Americans also correclty realize that 80% of everything said on Fox News is a joke or a lie, or both, and almost none of their news is presented without opinion, bias, and slant attached to it. I’m not defending MSNBC, in fact I wouldn’t cause I never watch it. Repeating nationalistic slogans only shows that you are out of touch with reality.

    “so I can pay for your healthcare while you sleep in till 10am to go to your McDonald’s job.”

    It’s amusing to me the times you have tried to intuit or interpret or predict things about me, like I tried to do with PieHole. Except that you’re not right at all. I don’t work at McDonalds (because actually the fuckin immigrants allow our government to keep the minimum wage down such that I can’t afford to work at McDonalds, even if I wanted to). PieHole is a racist moron, no matter how much you try to say he isn’t (which you haven’t btw). And I don’t have healthcare presently. So no, you are also not paying for my healthcare, not yet anyways.

    I’m quite curious, when did Christians become so uncharitable eh?

    Rationing care, which conservative fuckin healthcare contribution recepients touted as some giant evil of socialized healthcare, is no more “evil” than how it is rationed right now. Aaaand you don’t think healthcare is rationed today? Morons.

    You know who would make a great president and who definitely wouldn’t work to serve/preseve wealthy private interests? SARAH PALIN. Morons.

  • Ah yes of course, to the actual matter at hand, the matter where you are wrong. I’m not going to take the time to explain to you (knowing anyways that your ears will listen but not hear) how the healthcare debate is a prime example of how many folks that work at Fox, and many conservative politicians, have slowly become bad people.

    But the matter at hand of course.

    What kinds of public offenses make a person removable from the US? Besides being here illegally? Bear in mind that the bill also states that illegal immigrants found to be on public property can be fined for tresspassing.

    This contradicts how you no doubt intended to define “lawful contact”.
    Unfortunately for you, “lawful contact” has no formal legal definition. And the bill includes no specifics about this. And the clarity and exactness of this is clearly of huge importance to that section’s meaning and to how that section would be enforced. (Hence one can deduce that if the people writing it were in any way competent, they only could have kept this vague intentionally).

    Alright, this is the section pertaining to the smuggling of illegal immigrants:
    Smugglers and transporters of illegals must be suspected of first violating another law. You see that?

    Now, as the bill pertains to illegals:

    How can you expect me to believe that in a legal document, these sections which (according to you) are basically the same thing, are worded completely differently? Why doesn’t the second quoted section say ‘AND SUSPECTED TO BE IN VIOLATION OF [SOME OTHER LAW]’ ? Because that would be clear, and it would mean what it clearly does when the drafters wrote up the smuggling section.

    Lawful Contact has no formal definition, they didn’t rephrase an identical procedure to read differently but mean the same thing. Lawful contact, in fact, when interpreted in many other laws and states, can include officer interaction with people when they have committed no offense and cannot/aren’t reasonably suspected of committing an offense.
    Lawful Contact =/= ‘they first are under suspicion of some other offense’. And if that’s what this law requires, the bill would have been worded that way.

    It’s not that the bill says ‘Cops can stop any Latino they want and ask to see their papers’, it’s that it encourages and allows for similar police behavior, or practice too close to that, and its not specific enough about the conditions of such a search/invasion, and it doesn’t explicity outlaw such police behaviors in enforcing the new laws. Fortunately for Mexicans living in Arizona, the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution does. Which is why this bill will either be tossed out or revised after the court battles are over.

    And, even though the govenor was trying to work at resolving a “problem” that is very important to many red-neck Arizonians who will nonetheless applaud her efforts after the bill is thrown out (I mean I can understand why you like it), she will remain an embarassment to other Americans for those same efforts. Get it?

    Again, the smuggling section explicitly states that the officer must have suspicion of some other simultaneous violation, the other does not. Therefore, the police contact does not, and was not meant to be, required under the same pretexts in those two cases.

    Interpretations for lawful contact can legally be things like: Asking a police officer for help or directions. Being questioned as a bystander or witness to a crime. Being involved in a car accident. It “appearing” that you weren’t wearing a seatbelt… etc – because it has no definition.

    Whether or not cops would enforce the laws in this way are immaterial, because the debate is about the unconstitutional nature of the bill, at this point anyways, not the civil rights violations cops would commit later while trying to enforce it.

  • RoKe you are my hero, you hit it right on the bulls eye! I’m so fed up with these racists it’s not even funny. They say, well natives are not from here neither,,,,,,,well I guess that bithc azz Patriot and his fuk head sidekick American fukc hole are from Africa then, natives were here waaaaaaay before your bitch azzes! I am for equality and unity. Our US is so great becouse we have a little of everything. And I’m sure our people came from Europe for the same reason, FOR A BETTER WAY OF LIFE!!!! you dumb fucks!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Patriot, thank you for bowing out and disappearing. You would have a hard time “educating” me about anything, because I have nothing to learn from you. Really thinking you were winning any part of this argument could only be the effect of some persistent, continued delusion.

    Thanks MexSicilian! You’re my hero too! =D

  • Hey Roke_O…my apologies for the pause in our enlightening discussions. But try and save your brain cells for this weekend, when I will refute your dumb ass comments and the other mindless drone who follows you. I’ve found so many errors and inconsistencies that I shall try and lay it out for you two racist degenerate fucks.

  • Yes, you could repeat and echo. And pretend.

    Persistent. Continued. Delusion.

    Good Luck

  • Roke_O, just wanted to entertain your mental dillusions further. So I’ll leave you with this to ponder while your waiting your next therapy appointment.

    I came accross an interesting discussion from Mark Levin, a constitutional scholar, radio talk show host and former member of the Reagan administration. It speaks to the three amigos- President Obama, Nacy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, how they allowed Mexico’s President Calderon to appear before Congress and hypocritically lecture us on how we shoud treat illegal immigrants. Mexico’s immigration laws are archaic, draconian and much tougher than ours. You have to prove you can pay your own way and support your family to move there, basically, just the opposite of what it takes to be a Democrat here. I touched on that on one of my previous posts with you, and you commented -“People primarily leave Mexico to come to the US, not the other way around. So, that you would try a comparison like this is inherently dumb.” Such brilliance…aha…I thought that’s where all those great jobs were located to monitor the stimulating factor in the stimulus package… dumbass I was referring to the immigration on mexico’s southern border which Mexico does have a large population coming in particuliarly from Guatemala and Nicaragua. As the attached link indicates, doesn’t seem like these immigrants are subjected to the rights as those who are afforded under the AZ immigration law. You think Carter II should have called out the Mexican hyprocrite on that like a great statesman like Reagan would have?

    First, let me just interject, you continue to think of me as being a racist; it’s your only recourse in your fatally flawed argument…paint the patriotic american as the racist. It would be a fair characterization to say I was a racist if I said I was anti legal immigration. I do agree that legal immigration is what has made this country great. Hum…AZ is the #2 capital of kidnapping…what’s #1..hum…oh Mexico…like I said, it’s just common sense to have a secure border to contain the violence spilling over from drug cartels from Mexico….Anyway, I’ll speak further to this when I also will educate you how to read the AZ immigration bill…ok back to where I was…

    So Obama trashed Arizona’s new immigration law, which basically says like I’ve said already, the state can do what the federal government is unwilling to do. Eric Holder has indicated he would sue Arizona over the 16page law, which he later admitted he had not read. As much as it pains me to say, I do actually agree with you that this bill will be struck down by the Feds…but not because of unconsitionality. It’ll be done the same way Congress passed healthcare.

    So what I can tell with all this is Obama opposes Arizona’s law mainly in the hopes of gaining more votes from the growing Hispanic community. With his agenda, to get re-elected he must manufacture votes and voters- like he did with ACORN.

    Arizona’s immigration bill might serve all concerned well if it drives moocher illegal immigrants out of Arizona and back to their native California. We already have enough freeloaders in this country. 53% of the popluation based on the November 2008 election. It seems we need to be reminded every 12 years or so why liberals cannot govern.

    Anyway, with the Obama administrations regulations and union thuggery on the rise in the US, Mexicans need not worry about employment. They can just go back to Mexico if they want jobs from all the American companies that will soon be moving there.

    Go take your medicine now and take a lession from a patriotic american who loves this country and respects its laws. So many people continue to come in droves to this “horrible” “racist Nazi “state of a country as you like to point out….wonder why if it’s so horrible of a place to be?

    Especially on Memorial Day, God Bless America and all the great patriots who have defended our liberties..even the liberties of the liberals who should go live in a socialist country for a while to relearn who great of a nation this is.

  • here’s the link I was referring to as well….

  • As expected, no response from the great Roke_o. The truth hurts doesn’t it and glad to see you’ve been exposed for the coward liar you are. Is the hatred that spews from you because you have flashbacks from being chased by the border patrol when you immigrated to this great land? There was a time when the delusions of the great liberal elites could be shrugged off, but we’ve come to a pivotal point where your delusions of the utopian entitlement society( most of particuliar Greece..California…), assault on capitalism and the economy that rivals the world, but most importantly your weakness with respect to national security has put this great nation at peril. The majority of Americans are waking up and at least thank god, the lefts destruction of this great country will dramatically stall in November.

    Yes, you could repeat and echo. And pretend.

    Persistent. Continued. Delusion.

    Good Luck..

  • Okay, so now it has become clear that you are nothing more than a FOX headline spewing goon, and it would be a giant waste of my time to argue with you.

  • Of all the facts I have pointed out, this is your response..what a joke…I’m onto my next liberal degenerate to defame as well… you are the lowest piece of excrement that exists.

  • I cannot believe the hypocrisy occurring on this forum right now. People, who support the bill are automatically labeled as racists, while people who don’t are automatically labeled as radical liberals who hate america. The hypocrisy comes in when most everyone in this forum has done what many people believe the bill will do, label people by what they look like, but in this case people are labeling each other based on what they have said.

    I haven’t necessarily decided my pion on this bill yet, but the facts are that there are 12 million people currently braking the same law, and you can argue either way that having illegal immigrants helps or hurts America, but the fact is a law is being broken, and whether or not the law is just, law enforcement still has an obligation to enforce every law whether they agree with them or not. But the question is how do you go about enforcing the law without taking away the rights american citizens have.

  • Nice to see some degree of intelligence coming back to this forum. You have to read further down to understand some of the racist comments. This one is nice to establish a good open discussion. Well I guess Saria Law doesn’t allow for any open minded discussion.

    “Also, the very fact that you believe in the Christian God excludes you from participating in any serious, fact-based discussion about anything.

    Allah Fuck America.” posted by RokeoO

    So, the way this is enforced is you put the 6K national guard troops on the border as the border states have asked for along with resuming the fence building which started during the Bush administration (which studies have shown had an impact in reducing illegal entry). I agree this is a federal issue. However, if the federal govt’t was taking the initiative to deal with the problem, then states like Arizona shouldn’t have to create their own law to protect the citizens of the state.

    I could quote statistics, but do your own research on the crime spilling over the border. I think you’ll understand the good law abiding citizens of Arizona said enough to it. They have a good conservative governor who was willing to deal with the problem. Additionally, liberal anarchists in this forum will like to paint the bill as one that racial profiles, but it specifically does not allow that. Go search the bill online and read it for yourself. It’s only 16pgs, and tell me this bill which has safeguards against profiling in it, and if your state is being over run by illegals, is it really justified to deamonize the people of Arizona as racist?

  • Rockwood: I fail to see what’s hypocritical. Actually, what I mean is, it’s not hypocritical. Me stereotyping people in my daily life is miles away from unreasonable searches by the police and the constant threat of deportation.

    I label all Southern Conservatives as racists because it’s fun-ny. It obviously can’t be the case. Although, did you go and read what American-Pie-Hole actually wrote? He’s so racist it’s embarrasing.

    “…and whether or not the law is just, law enforcement still has an obligation to enforce every law whether they agree with them or not.”
    I agree, which pretty much makes all police officers dick-heads in my opinion. Except for the ones who save my life, those are the good cops haha And I really don’t see your point here, as the issue IS whether or not the law is just, not what enforcing the law says about the police officers.

    FUCK FACE: I stand by that quote. You can’t participate in a reasonable discussion because 90% of your ethics and morals are derived from a fuckin fantasy land.

    Safeguards against profiling!? In a law designed to remove one specific type of immigrant from a state where only 1 type is a “problem”? I hope you were joking.

    God forbid I ever end up in Arizona for some fuckin stupid reason, I would punch my fist through your fuckin head until you were blowing teeth out of your nose.

  • Since when did being a “patriotic american” mean that you think only well-to-do mexicans should be able to immigrate to the US?

    Since when did being a “patriot” or a “conservative” become so unchristian?

  • Regarding your first comment, ?? I never said that only well to do immigrants should immigrate to the US. No, I’m not concerned about financial status at all, it’s basically scumbags such as yourself I’m concerned about immigrating to the US.

    Bring it on dirtbag. I’ve already wasted a few of your islamic buddies in the first gulf war, and would savor the moment of cleansing the US of one more rodent. Your “religion” is based upon a hatred ideology. Ha…you call Christianity a religion in fantasy land…what a nut you are.. So a peoples who want to kill a cartoonist for drawing a picture of mohammed is normal?? Death to all Muslims.

  • I knew you were a racist.

    And I doubt you were in the first gulf war (if that can even be called a war, idk). You just say that cause otherwise you don’t feel like a true patriot.

    Even if you did, how’d you kill them? Press the button to fire a guided cruise missile?

  • Right, the “Gulf War”. Bit of a misnomer don’t you think? How about ‘Military Exercise”?

    US forces had more casualties from friendly fire and accidental deaths than combat deaths. Initial campaign was what? Bulk of Iraqi defense forces destroyed in how many hours? 100?

    Nevermind that the US Ambassador was instructed to tell Sadaam that we would not become involved in his invasion of Kuwait.

    Crime spilling over the border? Because of misguided drug laws. That’s all. Has nothing to do with immigration. That’s our laws and our demand for drugs in action.

    Patriot, where’d you hear that about the ‘ideology of hate’? Your precious FOX News education? You don’t know a fuckin single thing about the Islamic Faith.

    As for “warm fuzzy thoughts”… I think lot’s of times you must be talkign about a person’s ‘conscience’. Maybe you should try turning off Fox News and read some Peter Singer. Or actually read about the Muslim faith, or read the Koran.

    You are so woefully uneducated.

  • This must be you turning your other cheek right now

  • I want a bumper-sticker that reads: “We’re sorry about Arizona”

  • It’s clear trying to have any sort of dialoge with an MSNBC news spewing goon in pretty pointless. Peter Singer, I’m sure that’s sitting right on top of Obama’s desk too. Try reading “America Alone” by Mark Steyn and that’ll explain my position with regard to the political hatred spewing Islam you adhere to. Yeah, I’m sure there are moderates, but unless they’re carrying the “I love infadels card” no really knowing. and not like these so called “moderates” really speak up when Mohammed decides to strap a few sticks of dynamite to himself.

    Being a conservative is “Christian”. Conservatives stand true to the constitution. You pick what you want to hear, but like I’ve said all you’ve got to look at what a conservative like Ronald Reagan was able to accomplish after a typical liberal statist like Carter managed to screw up.

    It’s pretty much evident it’s a complete waste of my time trying to find any sort of reason in an anarchist asshole. Not sure what the big rant seems to be with FoxNews, aside from the fact they are the most fair and balance newstation. Oh, maybe Keith Oberman or Racheal Maddow from MSNBC must be your fans.

    As far as my role, I was on an aircraft carrier. I loaded bombs onto the planes to be deployed (after I taped a copy of the Koran on each one)..Ha. As my hero American Pie pointed out, the truth hurts the most to those who are ignorant”. You won’t read the book that I mentioned since it’s not apart of your Marxist library, but that book summarizes masterfully the concerns with Islam and ironically has already proven to be true in the statist countries in Europe.

    Fuck you…and Fuck Allah.

  • I already told you, I have never watched more than 30 seconds of MSNBC at one time. You are a fucking clown.

  • I already told you, pathetic repeating moron, that I have never watched more than 30 seconds of MSNBC at one time. You are a fucking clown.

    Wow, loading bombs onto planes. To be dropped on defenseless people. Some big fuckin man you are

    Enough defenseless people get bombs dropped on them, and soon enough they find ways to bomb back. Basically, what I’m contending is that 9/11 was your pussy ass’s fault. Pussy

  • I knew it was just a matter of time, before the nation that has done more good than any other on the planet would be blamed for the evil hatred ideology further purpetuated by islam. So let’s go with your liberal fantasy land thinking here. 9/11 resulted because of the US actions in the world, specifically the results of the gulf war.

    So I think we can pretty much say the French and Canadians are pretty much the biggest pussies you’ll find around, so what about the Muslim foiled plot to blow up the canadian parliament and behead the canadian president or the attempted assassination of the mayor of Paris by a Jihadist and the muslim riots the years before…see the flaw in your known warped position. These countries aren’t dropping bombs..they’re just pansies and “infadels” worthy of killing according to your warped ideology. Conservatives see right through it and will call you out for what you are.

    So we were the aggressors in the Gulf War? Really, what an enlightened person you are. or…wasn’t it something like Iraq invaded Kuwait I seem to remember. Of course, he US took the lead (as usual because of the defunct liberal useless UN in defending a sovereign nation due to the invasion by Iraq.comprende dumb ass..

    The US has always be the country to step up and do what the international community failes to do. …Yeah, the Taliban are a bunch of good guys doing such productive things before cutting Christians heads off became the “in” thing to do. We’ll let them move in your neighborhood and get the head cutting started in the liberal wasteland of the bankrupted San Fran Sicko where your probably from.

    Here’s something interesting, many hispanics are christians, probably much more so than in the US. So, you disparage Christianity while on the same hand trying to be the proponent of latinos. So according to your hatred ideology, the latinos are also infadels worthy of beheading? You’ve known my position from day 1, but you stand behing a curtain as being a rightous leader for illegal that’s being a pussy. Anytime, you want to do the drive down from San Francisco, I’ll be happy to take the Koran and shove it up your ass.

    This has been a complete exercise in futility. God help you if you ever cross paths with me.
    God Bless America.
    Fuck you and Fuck Allah.

  • The issue is, or was, about Hispanics, not about their religion.

    It’s amusing that you “fought” (i.e.- were a bomb loading pussy) in a “war” (i.e.- military excercise) that you don’t even know what it was about.

    Fascinating to hear a hateful sermon from a racist about how some other religion is the hateful one. Calling yourself a Christian is like punching Jesus right in his dead face.

    America has done many terrible things throughout its history. Deny facts if you’d like.
    You served in a war and you still don’t even know what it was about.

    Surely you can imagine what a turtle-brained moron I would sound like if I said that any book that President Bush read during his time in office was a lousy worthless book. That’s just moronic. It’s become pretty bad with you FOX warriors.

    No, I never will read that stupid piece of shit book (the one book which comprises your entire philosophy and the bulk of your amazing education). I read one of O’Reilys, one by Ann Coulter, Hannity’s book, along with a couple other religious/conservative (ever wonder when those became synomous? of course you don’t, you’d rather learn nothing about the world and the country you live in and remain ignorant. The more FOX news someone watches, the more they know, the more facts they have, and the more education. It’s all based on how much FOX you’ve watched).

    I recognized earlier (pretty much after you made up the crime-spilling over thing and when your rebuttal to the unconstitutional nature of the bill was “nuh-uh”) that debating anything with you was pointless. You’re just too fuckin stupid and too uneducated and too ignorant.

    I would rape you. I would forcefully fucking rape you, and you’d probably like it. I can tell you’re one of those faggot ass conservatives who say one thing while really they just wish they could get fucked up their faggot asses in a public restroom. I know you just wish you were getting fucked until your eyes exploded. You fuckin faggot bitch. Navy fucking pussy bitch. I would fucking rape you and you would like it. Fuckin stupid uneducated sissy little faggot bitch.

  • Conservatives don’t hold truer to or follow the constitution more than liberals. They have different interpretations of different sections.

    But hey, if your fuckin dumb ass wants to tell himself that conservatives follow the constitution and liberals don’t, go for it. You’re just stupid.

    Just like if you like calling yourself a patriot (if it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling), do it. But you’re still a fuckin ignorant fuckin pansy.

    “Thou shalt not kill…unless America asks you to.”

    Oh that’s right, you didn’t even fight. You loaded bombs (and took loads of semen in your faggot mouth)

    Too stupid, too uneducated. Forcibly rape your faggot ass navy bitch.

  • Thank you for continuing to give me a great laugh every time I read your post.

    It can get rather dissapointing to see how Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the liberal democrats are assaulting our great capitalist nation, but you’ve allowed me to be able to laugh about it..Again thank you. I can honestly say you don’t annoy me any more; I’d actually love to have a few beers with you. I think you’re quite a commical person. I can also say that you have actually taught me something in all your great enlightenment. That is, if I’m ever in a hotel in San Fran Sicko, that I shouldn’t bend over and pick up the soap while I’m in the shower.

    Well, from your last post, it’s the usually meltdown I see with the liberals. However, I thought you had a few more rounds in you. I’m sure it must be incredibly tiring and frustrating defending a position that only the elites and professorial types can continue on but still eventually fail. See, the values of conservatism are quite easy to discuss, because they have been tested time again. Whereas, liberalism and socialism have always been complete failures. You can more recently look to Europe, in particuliar Greece, Spain and Portugal, with the financial meltdown. The facts just speak for themselves. Might I suggest another book for you to add to the Karl Marx library. It’s called, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”, but Michael Savage.

    Really man, take a few weeks off, rest up and go back on your medication. I’d hate to see you get locked up in the looney ward…
    Thanks again for giving me a good laugh again. By the way, your number 17…the 17th liberal to be taken down by a conservative…it’s gettting easier each time.

    For you, ignorance is bliss. Take care my buddy, and if ya come on down to Phoenix let me know. I’ll supply the broomstick handle for you.

    God Bless America.
    Fuck You.
    Fuck Allah.

  • You ignore whatever I say and gloss over everything with the same generic conservative bullshit because you are incapable of having an actual discussion with me

  • “Liberalism is a mental Disorder”. Wow, sounds like an amazing book not written by some hack and not peddled to uneducated patriots.

    I would be too disgusted by the title to read 3 pages. That goes for “Conservatism is a Mental Disorder”. I would be too disgusted by the title as well.

    I’m not sure what you mean about “taking me down”. All you’ve done is offered a number of your uninformed opinions. Any conservative reading your opinions is likely to agree with you. Any liberal is not likely to agree with you.

    I was pretty sure that our financial meltdown (which was capitalism with a lack of oversight) had a lot to do with those country’s current problems. Yeah, Obama’s really going to war with our private institutions and tearing down our country left and right…by bailing them all out and continuing to give them money and allowing them to continue in their unregulated paradise… You’re an idiot

  • I wouldn’t even entertain your thoughts on finance and economics…Your just too stupid to even begin that discussion.

    Anyway, 3 articles appearing in the Yahoo summary page all relate to the peace loving muslim community..

    I was wondering what your about for a second or two. My theory was at first maybe your a political science major, but then unlike the other liberals I’ve had discourse with, your just too uninformed. I’d have to cancel History as well. So my guess would be a psychology, sociology, or english major. So you work at the Diversity center at the local university checking out materials. You have just enough knowledge from what you here in your own world, but since you have no real world experience, in particuliar with running a business or any other practical endeavor, you enlighten us with failed policies. Just too stupid and ignorant to have a real discussion with.

  • I swear there’s an echo in here…

    Okay now you’re movin right along on a Yahoo-education. Haha

    Hmm, let’s see how well you’ve nailed me down here…nope…hmm..lets see…nope…wrong…wrong…not really…wrong.

    Wow, close though, really impressive how your mind works.

    real world experience =/= military experience

    But you’re right, actual experience is one of the soundest and best ways to learn anything. But what you take away from the experience can be more biased depending on the conditions of the experience, and the person involved.

    Maybe someday you’ll have a son who converts to Islam or a daughter who dykes out hard-core. And instead of disowning them, or constantly murmuring and praying behind their back, you might realize that maybe you had been wrong about some things.

    Experience is definitely a great teacher. Oh, and hey, PRAYER WORKS! Come on cite the studies! The POWER OF PRAYER IS REAL!!!! IT’S PROVEN!

  • Serious subject but reading the posts was quite entertaining. roke_o is stupid and Patriot is an idiot. Neither of you ever actually got the arguement right. Here is an interesting little tidbit, the Arizona statute is almost word for word taken from the USC. Yep, the entire argument actually needs to be directed at the federal government, the only thing AZ1070 did was make a local copy so that local police could enforce the same laws that the USG is supposed to be enforcing. Profiling is a necessary part of police work WORLDWIDE and is a legitimate and recognized method for investigating crime. I am a republican member of the Islamic faith but my faith is tempered by the sure knowledge that NO religion has all the answers, none are perfect, all are flawed. I would never attack anyone for making a cartoon of the Prophet, I never would and that is enough for me. I am a veteran of BOTH wars in SWA, I do believe that Saddam Hussein got BETTER than he deserved. I also believe in LEGAL immigration and find that ILLEGAL immigrants are a danger to America and its society based on the simple fact that they have NO intention of being American. I came to this country expecting to learn the English language and RESPECT American culture and tradition which is comprised of the amassed culture and learning of every race and culture on the planet. I don’t believe there is a better place to live, if there was I would live there. So I am moving . . . to Arizona!

  • A Republican Muslim…named David…. you have an unique perspective surely. But thats all you have, is a perspective. Absolutely no where in your post do you have the slightest hint of an argument. Thanks for your 2 cents though! And what a dingy useless two cents they were! “Patriot is stupid and so is Roke_0” I’m a Muslim blah blah blah.

    From what I understand, Arizona’s new law is very similar in some ways to the 1995 federal thing (which was amended in 2009 because some law enforcement individuals were abusing it), but it is not ‘copied’ in a literal sense.

    “I also believe in LEGAL immigration and find that ILLEGAL immigrants are a danger to America and its society based on the simple fact that they have NO intention of being America

  • “Profiling is…a legitimate and recognized method for investigating crime.”

    Yeah, you show me the court transcript where a police officer on the stand admits ‘he approached Mr. Keynes because Mr. Keynes is black.’ and then I’ll accept your assertion that profiling is “legitimate” and “recognized”.

  • de-toothed by supreme court, 3 out of 4 major provisions ruled against, with the final one left for later… Eat shit patriot,along with you other fucking self-proclaimed “patriots”. I hope you have fucking died in the meantime. Honestly. I hope you fucking died and a Mexican immigrant fucked your fucking whore wife-widow. And if you aint married, I hope a Brazillian has fucked your corpse.

  • Hi, the republican party don’t like Hispanic neither black people and that is why they will continues to lose the election, because black people made 74% and Hispanic 71% of this voting election. The Republican don’t think that it was the Hispanic that made Obama win a second term. It is correct to protect our border and stop illegal emigration, but treat people with dignity and let people exercise their own right. America should be a country of democracy, but democracy is far from being a reality and illegal people are treated like trash and abused by the enforcer of the law. American demand human right from other countries but we don’t practice that here. if The Republican want to win the election in 2016 take in consideration some emigration reform with those immigrant already in the country.