Atlantic Yards-Defying Dive Bar Freddy’s Moving to Fourth Avenue

04/19/2010 4:19 PM |

Freddys Bar & Backroom

Last month, following reports that beloved venue for anti-Atlantic Yards drinking Freddy’s Bar & Backroom (a recent L Mag bar award recipient) was being evicted from its 485 Dean Street premises, we got an all-caps comment from the bar’s manager Donald O’Finn explaining that they weren’t being evicted, just asked to moved. Today, Curbed has a bittersweet update: Freddy’s will reopen in two or three months at a new location, likely at Fourth Avenue and Union Street in the Park Slope/Gowanus border region.

To undermine the symbolic victory of the city’s eminent domain campaign on behalf of greedy real estate developers, the folks from Freddy’s will be taking all their anti-Atlantic Yards paraphernalia with them, even the chains on the bar.