Bicycle-Hating New York Post Loves a Good Unicycle Story

04/05/2010 9:41 AM |


The folks at the Post, normally so happy hating on human-powered transportation, are totally on board with the group of unicyclists who are in the midst of a project to unicycle every single bridge in New York City (for those of you keeping count, that’s 2,078 bridges). Rob Hickman and Keith Nelson (pictured), the two unicyclists who have taken part in every expedition—which you can follow on their blog, Unicycle NYC Bridge Tour—started with the Williamsburg Bridge back in December, and on Wednesday they’ll be crossing the many short spans of Central Park.

This part is probably why the Post likes ’em: “‘A lot of people don’t like bicyclists and bicycle politics, but everyone loves a unicycle,’ Hickman said.” How long before the first gang fight between bicyclists and unicyclists? (Curbed)