Bill Murray’s Ten Rules for Happiness

04/29/2010 5:03 PM |

Bill Murray

This NY Mag piece, ostensibly a “guide” to eating dinner with Billy Murray (should you ever have the chance), is really just a cleverly framed item about the writer having dinner with the man during Tribeca. But you know what another framing device might’ve been, besides “What to Say to Bill Murray When You See Him on the Subway“?

“Bill Murray’s Ten Rules for Happiness.”

Here then, based on the account of a single dinner with Bill Murray, are those rules (in no particular order of importance):

1. Always stand when a woman is getting in or out of her chair, or when she’s entering the room.

2. Be nice to all waitstaff, at all times. This will allow you be demanding of them.

3. Try to remember people. After you’ve met someone, take a moment to add their name to your mental Rolodex.

4. If you like something that someone has said or made or is wearing, tell them.

5. Don’t be afraid to take charge and be a “host,” even if it’s not expected of you.

6. Hang out in Williamsburg.

7. Drink tequila, as it tends to keep the energy level up.

8. If you’re going to tell a story, really tell it. It’s why we’re here.

9. If you give your word about something, keep it. That way, people will trust you. This is good.

10. Be funny.

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