Black-Clad Agitators (Anarchists? Nihilists? Raiders Fans?) Run Amok in Williamsburg

04/19/2010 12:13 PM |


Chaos in the streets! Reports are coming in that a bunch of black-clad youth got all smashy on Bedford Avenue Saturday night, busting car windows, overturning garbage cans, and very likely using profanity. As this FreeWilliamsburg commenter described it:

I live on the block, and my friends and roommate reported seeing a “Ninja looking” crew dressed in all black run down the street from Bedford to Berry along the road and smash the drivers side window of every car on the block.

Another account of the incident had the poor bubble tea shop incurring the wrath of the Red Flag Brigade, who objected to the corporatist/hegemonic-fascist implications of bubble tea by smashing a window. Could this be related to the Great American Apparel smashy-smashy of March? Probably. Could it be related to the seething den of anarchist agitation in Bushwick? Very probably not.

P.S. I was walking along Bedford about 12 hours after all this happened and didn’t really notice anything untoward. SMASH THE SYSTEM!