Brooklyn Democrat Mike McMahon Shouldn’t Be Elected Dog Catcher

04/09/2010 2:55 PM |

Staten Island Town Hall Meeting, Oct 2009: The people McMahon lives to appease

  • Staten Island Town Hall Meeting, Oct 2009: The people McMahon lives to appease

Democrat-In-Name-Only Mike McMahon (D!! NY!!), or an intern, used the congressman’s Twitter feed last week to announce in ALLCAPS that his vote against health care reform had been “VALIDATE[D]” by an opinion piece in The Brooklyn Paper.

All the piece does, in fact, is highlight the shameless political opportunism behind McMahon’s craven vote.

The column’s anonymous author “Politicrasher” notes that it was smart politics for McMahon, since he represents a conservative district. In effect, he has put a tourniquet on a possible line of attack from his forthcoming Republican challengers.

McMahon has (possibly) protected his seat at the cost of his soul and put himself in the company of those like Brooklyn Paper commenter Joey Bots (LOL!), who had this to say when someone asked him what was wrong with 32 million Americans now having health coverage:

Yes Comrade – it is wrong when those 32 million are lazy slackers or folks that choose to Not have insurance (the majority) – you should educate yourself on the issues. You creeps just want to take my money (the little I have) and give it to the rich (who can afford insurance but pay for it ad hoc) and Illegal immigrants. Keep your hands out of my pocket commie – no one is helping me – I am on the hook to support my family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be proud, Mike!

A closer look at McMahon’s record is nauseating: not only did he vote against healthcare reform, he voted against the tax on Wall Street bonuses, the cap on executive pay at companies that received bailout money, and allowing judges to modify mortgage terms. He voted against funding needle exchange programs and “consistently voted with Republicans on the purchase of new weapons systems, even one bill that would finance the tools of war through commensurate cuts in environmental clean-ups.”

“I will vote with my conscience,” McMahon once told an audience. “I will not be threatened or scared by anybody.” The record shows that either McMahon’s a coward or he’s a Republican. Come November, I think I may pull the lever in the GOP column for the first time in my life—not because I’ve had an ideological change of heart, but because I want nothing more than to get this slimy, shameless, odious fraud out of office.