Chinatown’s Rental Gallery Moving into Brand New, Chelsea-Sized LES Quarters

04/01/2010 12:17 PM |

white cube

There are precious few large, white cube spaces on the booming Lower East Side gallery scene—Lehmann Maupin, White Box, Simon Preston, DCKT, the under-construction Sperone Westwater building on the Bowery, a couple more if you’re being generous—which makes it a much more charming gallery-hopping destination but also means that major shows tend to gravitate to Chelsea and the Upper East Side. But with a slew of new spaces available after the recent building boom, some might be looking to upgrade, as Rental will be doing in the fall.

According to ArtInfo the Chinatown gallery, currently in a large and sun-filled but rather out of the way space on the sixth floor of a building at East Broadway and Division, will be moving into the ground floor and basement of a new condo building on Orchard Street between Canal and Hester. The (relatively) massive new space will sit along what is quickly becoming the Lower East Side’s foremost gallery stretch, with Invisible-Exports, Miguel Abreu, Lisa-Cooley and recently moved-in Nicelle Beauchene on the same block, and Rachel Uffner just to the north. Galleries are moving and expanding all over town: the (art) recession must be over (or real estate is just dirt cheap right now).

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  • We LOVE the new space and can’t wait to check it out!

    What’s really cool… they are still close enough that when they sell the art, we can deliever their moving supplies and bubble wrap to carefully ship all that great art!