Desperate Politician Joe Lentol Desperate for Google Broadband

04/12/2010 10:06 AM |

old compuer

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Y’all know about Google’s whole “Extreme Makeover of Your Town’s Internet Speed” project, right? Yeah, we could all use faster internet, for free. Well, Greenpoint Assemblyman Joe Lentol is prepared to dive into the polluted waters of potential superfund site Newtown Creek in a desperate act of magical thinking (“If I suffer, they have to give my district THE INTERNET SPEEDS…”) that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, beyond sheer, naked publicity.

This whole thing seems like a giant vortex of terrible reality television, which I suppose is really just the state of Current Life in America. But hey, you go, 67-year-old Joe Lentol, high-speed broadband is totally worth your life.