Glenn Beck Now Inspiring Poetry Among the Masses

04/09/2010 2:26 PM |

glenn beck

As you all know, we love us some poetry. So it was truly a delight to come upon the website which, as you can probably guess, is a site devoted to Glenn Beck haikus, submitted by readers who, by and large, correctly surmise that Beck is a cancerous fearmonger spreading paranoid hysteria across the country. Yup, that’s right, we liberals will tame the evil forces of darkness with poetry—sigh (maybe villanelles would be more effective?). Examples of poetic magic after the jump…

from hedwyg:
The voice of God cries:
I will not forget evil.
Glenn Beck qualifies.

from Matthew V.:
All this time I thought
Christ helped those less fortunate,
What a fool I was.

And my favorite (though it doesn’t quite fit…), from Katie Halper:
In Aramaic
Jesus Said “JK” after
turn the other cheek