Guru, Gang Starr MC and Hip-Hop Innovator, Is Dead

04/20/2010 9:22 AM |

Guru of Gang Starr is dead

Sad, sad news this morning as we learn that Guru, the Boston-born, Brooklyn-based rapper who, along with DJ Premier, made the legendary rap duo Gang Starr, and pushed at the genre’s musical boundaries in his Jazzmatazz series, died yesterday due to complications from an undisclosed cancer. He was 43. Last month news broke that Guru had been in a coma after going into cardiac arrest, was operated on, supposedly recovering and had been diagnosed with hypoxia.

Before passing he wrote a letter, which is alternately very moving and weirdly business-like, full of praise for his manager Solar and basically disowning his longtime partner Premier. Before squabbles erupt between family, friends and business partners, though, we should remember what an exceptional MC and forward-thinking artist Guru was in every project he undertook. His unique skills and deeply-felt sensitivity will be very sorely missed.

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